chiropractic care for kids

Chiropractic care for kids

For those of you who know, Tyler’s a chronic pneumonia baby. He had his first bout of it 4 years ago and every year we have countless cases. This year, from opting to feed him Gluten (which basically clogs his airways) and from starting chiro with Dr Laura, he has had a substantial growth period this year as well as weight! And guess what the best part is???! He’s been sick 3 times all year!!!!!! Yay Tyler!!
Thank you to family for respecting our wishes and I extend those thank-yous out to Tyler’s friends parents who have accommodated him for birthdays. As well I’d love to tell Dr Laura Gravelle how blessed we are to have met you. For those who are skeptical of chiropractic care, let me tell you how it’s benefitted our lives.

chiropractic care for kids
Tyler has insane amounts of energy, better overall health, sleeps well without stopping his breathing (main concern on why we are going to Chiro!!!) better mood and lots of other benefits like nipping a seasonal virus about to start!
Mark has more energy, better flexibility for his movements at work and at play, relieves pain on his back which helps him with the rest of his body (because let’s face it, he’s tall!!) and although he was skeptical at first, he loves the way Dr Laura pin points his pain and adjusts him!
Myself, seeing Dr Laura is amazing, she helps to relieve my chronic migraines and also help a ton with back pain especially throughout my placement as a PSW. Not a day goes by where I wish I could honestly get adjusted every morning (LOL)

Dr Laura, we love you ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

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