Concussion Awareness

Concussions are prominent in the news these days. Turn on the TV or listen to the news and you will see the controversy and conversation occurring in baseball, hockey or football. There is a great film “Concussion” with Will Smith that came out December 2015. It is a must see….to uncover and expose the truth about concussions.

concussion They are present in MBL, NHL and NFL. No one is immune. Repetitive head trauma chokes the brain and can cause devastating, even fatal results.

It is time to step up and educate and intervene sooner rather than later. The first line of defense is education on the seriousness of concussions.

It is a very complex condition with unique presentations. Experts can agree that signs of concussion include (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Balance problems or dizziness
  • Being bothered by light or noise
  • Confusion
  • Double or blurry vision
  • Difficulty remembering, focusing or paying attention
  • Feeling sluggish, hazy, or in a fog
  • Feeling irritable, or down
  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Sleep problems
  • Loss of consciousness

Suggestions for when a concussion does occur:

  1. DO not return to play immediately (do NOT get right back on the field).
  2. Rest until totally healed.
  3. No alcohol.
  4. No aspirin.
  5. No anti-inflammatory medication.
  6. No sleep agents.
  7. Monitored for worsening symptoms.
  8. Visit your chiropractor as soon as possible.
Concussion traumatic injury icon design. Brain injury medical symbol concept; Shutterstock ID 116611456; PO: 100 47953; Job: Shutterstock; Other: Public Affairs
Concussion traumatic injury icon design. Brain injury medical symbol concept; Shutterstock ID 116611456; PO: 100 47953; Job: Shutterstock; Other: Public Affairs

Concussion symptoms depend on the person and the injury, so may not be noticeable for hours or days. Concussion symptoms can resolve in 7-10 days, some post concussion symptoms can linger for weeks, months or years.

It has been noted that painkillers, even narcotics are not the answer long term.

With the injury to the brain and swelling, there are many times, if not always, insult to the neck and cervical spine.

When there is insult to the neurology at the brain stem and cervical spine, a chiropractor knowledgeable in this area is essential to the healing and recovery.  Our analysis method may include balance coordination tests, palpation, specific x-ray analysis, range of motion, thermography and others.

Healing reported with Chiropractic include, but are not limited to:

  1. Normal walking pattern return, blood pressure stability and improved hearing.
  2. Increased energy. Significant resolution of neck pain and daily headaches.
  3. Improvement in focus, concentration, penmanship.
  4. Improvement in academic and behavior.
  5. Resolution of vertigo (spinning and dizzy spells).
  6. Improvement in vision.

On March 31st Dr. Laura spoke at The Batters Box here in London to the baseball families, parents and players, on Chiropractic and Concussion. Dr. Laura’s 7-year-old son Mason is involved with this organization. It was extremely well received. If you know of an organization interested on the information presented in this article and would like Dr.Laura to speak to their group, email with “Concussion Information” in the subject line.

Keep well, and informed,
Dr. Laura

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