Dr. Laura Speaking Engagements


Dr. Laura Gravelle has a passion for helping people lead more vibrant and connected lives. Dr. Laura will motivate and empower your group as she shares her expertise as a business owner and chiropractor, a mother, and a former competitive athlete. Her fresh perspective on holistic wellbeing, combined with practical, action-oriented steps, will help each member of your group reach his/her full potential.

A dynamic speaker, Dr. Laura has a gift for inspiring others. When organizations invite her as a motivational speaker for their team, they see benefits in the health and productivity of their employees. Motivated and inspired employees are more engaged and eager to help others.

Upcoming Events


Dinner with the Doctor: Thursday April 25th – 6:00-7:00pm
Location: 350 Oxford st west suite 304
Description: This is Dr. Laura’s favourite event to host. This is an evening where Dr. Laura provides the meal (in the office) and does a short presentation on: What is the stress response, How does it affect our body, ” Where is the bear”, How my body reacts and patterns for stress, What I can do to dial down the stress response. What are action items to take NOW. There is an invitational offer at the end.
Tickets: Free available Dinner with Doc Tickets
Mom to Be: Sunday April 28th – 1:00-3:30pm  
Location:  350 Oxford St West, Suite 304
Description: Dr. Laura, other healers and support people are hosting a MOM’s TO BE workshop in our office. This is a chance for mom’s to be to connect and ask questions and become armed with strategies for childbirth
Tickets: email nicoleh@mommyconnections.ca for tickets and inquiries.




Friday April 19 – Good Friday

Monday April 22 – Easter Monday

Friday May 3rd

Monday May 20 – Victoria Day



Are you looking for an engaging, entertaining and captivating speaker for your group or organization? Dr. Laura offers 15-30-60 minute versions of “How To Restore and Protect Your Health”. This health talk unlocks key questions asks by universal audiences. “How can myself and my family express health optimally?” and “What does stress do to my body?” 

The answers are simply explained and passionately expressed by Dr. Laura in a captivating message. Email info@chirolaura.com with “health presentation” in the subject line.




Calling all educators, teachers, principals, EA’s, administration. Dr. Laura has created the system for a very successful wellness event. Dr. Laura had a hand in organizing and implementing “Mind and Body” night at St. Anne’s Catholic school in London on May 17 2018. The evening focused around making wellness simple, easy and fun for parents and families. There was an opening address (Dr. Laura) and break out sessions which repeated three times. These breakout sessions were with different practitioners or businesses in the wellness world. Ranging from a educational board game company, naturopath, aikido, megawatt brain and more. There were swag bag and door prizes. If you are interested in having Dr. Laura (and these suggested practitioners) to your school please email info@chirolaura.com with “school wellness night” in the title.

Where is Dr. Laura?

Steps for Life Walk – Threads of Life: Saturday April 27th – 9:00am-12:00pm 
Title: Walk for workplace safety
Description: Dr. Laura and family walk to remember and support those lost in work place safety. This year we walk to remember Jeremy Bowley, at St. George Catholic School, 375 Lynden Crescent, Byron. Register here: thread of life walk
Lunch and Learn for mortgage and agents = Tuesday April 30th , 12:00-1:00pm
Title: Stress – The Silent Killer – Get Out Of The Red
Description: Dr. Laura is presenting a lunch and learn to a group of agents downtown . This talk focuses on the what, how, why of stress and “Where is the Bear”. This is huge for the business of being busy and high face paced volume this group deals with. Dial down the stress  response!
Alliance For Chiropractors Spring Conference – May 3-4 
Title: The Storms of Life
Description: Dr. Laura is one of many invited speakers to share the stage at “Spring Con”. This is presenting to chiropractic colleagues and alongside some of her mentors. The topic is discussing the storms of life and the Why, How and What we can learn from these storms. More information here https://allianceforchiropractic.com
Innovation Works – Mental Health Week – May 6-10 TBD
Title: The vagal nerve the CEO of Calm
Description: Dr. Laura is collaborating with  mindyourmind and creating a presentation which will add value to their mental health week initiative out of innovation works in London ON.
Innovation Works – Lunch and Learn – Thursday May 30th , 12-1pm 
Title: Stress – The silent killer Get out of the red
Description: Dr. Laura is working with innovation works and contributing an event to their ongoing lunch and learn series. These are for coworkers within the space and community members. This talk will focus on stress, rest and reset.