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gravelle-micDr. Laura Gravelle has a passion for helping people lead more vibrant and connected lives. Dr. Laura will motivate and empower your group as she shares her expertise as a business owner and chiropractor, a mother, and a former competitive athlete. Her fresh perspective on holistic wellbeing, combined with practical, action-oriented steps, will help each member of your group reach his/her full potential.

A dynamic speaker, Dr. Laura has a gift for inspiring others. When organizations invite her as a motivational speaker for their team, they see benefits in the health and productivity of their employees. Motivated and inspired employees are more engaged and eager to help others.

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Location: Now Online!

Description: Our goal is to help you achieve optimal wellness. That means having more than enough energy and the highest quality of life to do, and be, all that you want in your life!
Please watch, share and encourage those looking for good health to check it out. We decided to do it online for ease of watching and ability to share easily.


Description: Are you looking for an engaging, entertaining and captivating speaker for your group or organization? Dr. Laura offers 15-30-60 minute versions of “How To Restore and Protect Your Health”. This health talk unlocks key questions asks by universal audiences. “How can myself and my family express health optimally?” and “What does stress do to my body?”

The answers are simply explained and passionately expressed by Dr. Laura in a captivating message. Email info@chirolaura.com with “health presentation” in the subject line.




Where is Dr. Laura?


Every Tuesday 10:00 am – 11:00 am: Dr. Laura devotes this time to recording her radio show. Ashley and Laura record at least one hour long show and given time, they tape two shows back to back. This is a radio show about thoughts, feelings and all aspects of health from a top down, inside out approach. Together with Ashley Thomas she covers topics that increase your life and living. The show airs on Thursdays 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, and replayed on Mondays 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. Check us out here itunes – subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

November 16th: Dr. Laura is presenting to the waste management company sister division in Kitchener. Yes Dr. Laura does travel to deliver these corporate talks! When she is out of town and speaking on chiropractic care and stress management, she promotes a local chiropractor who she has the utmost confidence in. In this case it is BruceStreet Chiropractic.

November 21st 10:00am-11:00am and 6:00pm-7:00pm – Dr. Laura is partnering with the YMCA Central branch and presenting ” Mind Your Stress”. This is a free workshop for families and individuals whom attend the YMCA. Sign up is at the front desk at the branch. There will be onsite stress evaluations for those interested at the close of each session.

TBA – Hire Dr. Laura for YOUR corporation,company, school, business, or group. Dr. Laura makes health relevant to all groups, age levels, interests and hobbies. Fill out the form below and our office will connect with you.


Upcoming Events:


Christmas Craft Show November 14th-December 20th – We have so many gifted and talented patients who we love to showcase. 2016 season was the first season we hosted this Christmas showcase event, it was a huge success. If you have a craft talent or make a unique gift item, big or small we welcome you to our vendor show. Space is limited and tables are $25.00. The tables are set up from November 14th to December 20th 2017. It is a showcase for amazing talents, and an opportunity to support local and find some great gift ideas.

Life Spin Families Support – Once again the office is supporting families in need over the holidays. This year, as an office, we are supporting 6 families. We will have our Tree of Giving up mid November. Each family member name, age and their needs/ requests will be on a ticket affixed to our tree. Simply chose which one/s you would like (these can be the children or parents of the family), you simply register your choice with our front desk and then bring in your generous UNWRAPPED gift items by early December (TBA). Monetary gifts are welcomed as well. We also provide food vouchers for each family (No Frills, Price Chopper or Food Basics) in the denominations of 25$ per family member.

Office Closure – The Office is Closed December 22nd 2017 at noon to reopen January 3rd 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Happy Holidays!