Pay it forward

Well today it happened…I have always wanted to but never had or thought the opportunity was right. I was at the drive through Tim Horton’s at Southdale and Cornel Talbot and puff the words came out of my mouth ” and I will buy the order for the person behind me too”.

There I had said it.

I glanced into the rear view mirror to see a single guy…I wonder what his order will be. I actually did not look back BEFORE I told the attendee at Tim Hortons I would do it. Would i have changed my mind IF i had seen a van full of hockey players? hmmmmm.

I got to the wicket, paid, then drove off.  I watched as the driver got up to the wicket but then I turned and was gone out of sight…

Felt great.

I was on cloud nine.

Try it yourself sometime.

Dr. Laura 🙂
twitter:  @chirolauraG

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