Sarah Taylor

Tech CA /Marketing Manager

Sarah Taylor is excited to share her passion for well rounded healthy living as a team member at Gravelle Chiropractic in the role of  tech CA/ Marketing Manager. Sarah was a practice member, before a team member so knows the benefits of chiropractic. Sarah will be working with patients in all aspects of the office.

Sarah is on her journey of becoming a certified yoga instructor as she is passionate about body/mind connection, and encourages well rounded  and daily yoga and meditation practices. She has a background in community service work and is a mom of three children. Sarah enjoys working with youth and adults supporting them in implementing holistic action plans, to ensure positive self care in a highly stressful world.

Compassion, care and connection with others are very important to Sarah, as she thrives to make each person who comes into the office feel well cared for and connected.

Sarah  promotes the  body/mind/and soul connection in all areas of  life, health and chiropractic care.

Her smile is contagious and will ignite a room.