We all have been BOUGHT

We all have the right to the truth so we can make educated decisions about our health, food choices and medicines.

The movie BOUGHT http://www.boughtmovie.com/free-viewing/ exposes the truth about the control, powbought image 2er and interconnectedness of the pharmaceutical giants, vaccine manufactures, governmental agencies, medical policy makers, and the food industry.  You cannot effectively address one industry without addressing them all, as they are inextricably linked.

This movie uncovers the truth. The nature of these big ‘businesseses’ is just that, they are businesses. They make money for a profit.  Each of these areas have large stakes and co -ties to each other. They do not have, us- the public, best interests at heart. Damage is done and is on the rise.  The trail is long and runs deep.

When we dig beneath the surface we move away from the concept of “first do no harm”. We find conflict of interest, criminal and illegal activities, huge fines and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Whistleblowers have come forward from the inside of these giants and exposed nasty, unforgivable and unimaginable crimes that have, and continue to, occur on the inside of these industries. Yet we are lead to believe these industries, policies and standards are here for our protection and safety.

The cyclical nature of this corruption is deep. We need to watch where the hand that feeds us has been. The depth of the pocket book of these companies is immense and it is the loudest voice we hear over and over again, ingrained into our society.

We think our food is safe because it is on the shelf. We need to examine that many foods are laden and produced with or from GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). This produces cheap and easy food.  Many times these foods are not labeled properly (or at all) so we don’t fully know what we are consuming. We have cheap food that we are putting into our bodies, and our children’s bodies , BUT health care costs are rising and we are in a disease care crisis…think there could be a possible link? You bet.

bought image 3

We are showing the movie BOUGHT here in the office at 350 Oxford Street West, Suite 202.  Thursday June 9th 5:45 p.m. start. It is approximately 90 minutes in length.  Bring your favourite organic, non-GMO snack to share and a friend or two. Your life and health will change by watching this movie  I guarantee.

In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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