4, 4 and under

August 26th

Today I can say i have 4 kids 4 years old and under. WOW. Tomorrow I will not be able to say that for my four year old turns 5 tomorrow and my two year old turned 2 today.

You always remember the time and dates just like you know your SIN number, just rolls off your tounge.

Aug 27 12:07pm
Feb 16  4:20pm
Aug 26  1:27am
June 30  4:01 am

My life changed 5 years ago. I exchanged a few things for a few other things that day.

When you look at the little people in your life you really see a reflection of yourself. They observe, retain and mimic…and say the cutest things.

my eldest: ” I don’t want to get my hair cut I want to let it grow long like a lions mane”

my middle son “God made a nice day, I hope he makes a nice day tomorrow”

my youngest son ” momma up….je-sus”…that is his way of saying me wants me to read his beginner bible.

Kids say the dardest things.

If we don’t write them down we will miss them.

Today I can say I have 4 children 4 years old and under…tomorrow I cannot say that.

Dr. Laura 🙂