A Year In Review

At the beginning of 2016 my husband and I re-read and reviewed our goals charts from 2015.

We sat down in April 2015 and created our goal lists. You are probably thinking “why would you do goal setting in April? That seems like a strange, mid-year time to create goals”.

There is a reason we did it in April 2015. Mainly, my husband was in transition with his job. We KNEW there was a solution to his current (at the time) situation. So we wrote down and followed a structure. We identified 7 areas in our lives we wanted to see change. We identified how we were going to get there, and the WHY behind the desired changes.

…Guess what….In June of 2015 my husband secured A NEW position, that he forecast in this goal setting session. He is currently thriving, excelling and loving his new position. Actually in his first three months at this new venture he received a promotion.

We got these goals out to look at at the beginning of 2016. Just to look as see what prophecies has manifested. When I looked at what I had written down I almost fell over. As I went through this list, it was check mark after check mark. Yes this happened, yes I accomplished this. Pretty amazing. Dave did the same and was astounded by his results too.

So Dave and I decided Jan 2nd 2106 was a great time to re-do goals for this year together. We followed the same template. We are excited to see the power of manifestation in 2016.

I encourage you to do the same. Together or apart. Watch what YOU can accomplish, you can change and you can manifest in 2016.

In my home office I keep these goals close. I also have dream boards that I look at and add to throughout the year. If I come across something that I cut out or picture that I want, or a statement I come up with, or an accomplishment, I add it to these boards as the year goes on. Here are my past and current ( brown in 2016) board. I literally look around and see my life unfolding every time I sit down. Folded up in the corner of the brown board is my list of affirmations that I unfold, read, look at, recite and study every morning. What can your life look at? Create it and watch the magic happen.

board 1

board 2

board 3

As Dave and I were intentionally CREATING our 2016, we watched a great movie on the power of positive thinking and following your dreams. I suggest everyone watch it. You never know what is around the corner. The movie is “ JOY”. http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/joy

Here also is a good template to help you create your life and see your dreams come to reality in 2016! http://liveyourlegend.net/2016-goal-setting-weekly-planning-workbooks-free-pdf-downloads-to-make-2016-the-best-year-yet/

In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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