All I Want To Do Is Live

In our office we see people in many stages of life.

We serve life “just beginning”….we serve ” in the prime of life”….we serve “midlife “…we serve “end of life”.

We just lost my great aunt. She was 101. She was my grandmothers sister. Her name was Auntie Marge. She drove a red sports car …yes a red sports car until she had to give up her license. She was born at 1.5 lbs. Can you imagine the life she lived. I can. Full of Life she was. She visited a Chiropractor.

Life is just that …your life to live and not to be at the mercy of what doctors tell you.

You go to the Chiropractor to have more life in your life and always move forward with your health. At least that is what I believe in and explain to patients. When we serve families and generations within the same family we know we are changing the health pattern moving forward. That is the best part of my day. Checking and adjusting wee-ones to ensure clarity in their nerve systems- to do the best- be the best- for their bodies.

In our office people come in hurting. They come in fearful. They come in tired and sick. They see around them life and excitement in our office. This in itself could be intimidating. At the beginning when someone is hurting so much it is difficult. We appreciate that. We offer hope and help that they too one day can move towards a life filled with MORE….MORE of what, that depends on the healer within just…MORE.

The other day I was having a conversation with a patient. This patient is battling cancer…again. We had a very frank conversation about the medical approach to treatment. We agreed and were appalled  at the guess work that goes into giving patients ” false hope of a New and Improved Cure…this MAY be the answer you are looking for”. We ended up crying and the patient saying ” All I Want To Do Is Live”…

This statement has stayed with me.

That is right ” All I Want To Do Is Live”…everyday of my life. It was quite timely as I just blogged about ” Big Rocks” and knowing how to prioritize the small vs large things….

Live your life as connected as possible.

Live your life full of power.

Live your life to the highest quality you were designed to have.

All I Want To Do Is Live.

Dr. Laura
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