Broken Focus

Broken Focus happens to us all at Christmas the stress can take over. The Christmas season is upon us! It is the busy season. It is full of joy, family, sharing and STRESS. Stress comes in the parties we have to attend, gatherings we host, food we have to prepare, gifts we have to buy, running around. Does any of this sound familiar?. In all of us it does! This is the time that things can go crazy for us and all around us. Just walk into COSTCO at any given time on any given day this month.

Stress is at a maximum this time of year. Our T.T.T of stress are large. T (Trauma), winter can bring us indoors, or having to shovel large amounts of snow after inactivity. T (Thoughts/ Tears), this is the wealth, worry, family and financial stress of this season. T (Toxins) our choices in food, alcohol, late nights are stressors as well.

It is supposed to be a time of rest, reflection, relaxation and family right! WRONG . It seems the treadmill only gets faster and faster in the month of December.

In our office in the past we have noticed this is the time that patients either cancel, reschedule, forget or pause their chiropractic care.

If there is ANY time, it is busy Christmas that you should maintain your schedule of care OR add in extra adjustments.


Now is the time when stress is the highest, this is what put our body on high alert, into defense physiology and into a subluxation pattern. Fight or flight and damage ensue.

An adjustment is the anecdote to stress!

Did you know that a chiropractic adjustment does the following?

  1. Sympathetic tone is inhibited (that means your body has a harder time feeling stress).
  2. Salivary amylase is decreased (that means there is a drop in the feeling of being stressed and it comes in the type of saliva we produce).
  3. Regional brain metabolic changes (that means the metabolism of your brain is altered, just like it would in a stress-free environment, growth, healing, metabolism in turned on)
  4. Decreased muscle hyper tonicity (that means muscles relax)
  5. Decreased pain intensity (that means there is an overall feeling of well-being)



If it is a matter of financial obligation speak to me about this. I will see you get the care you require. It is more important for me to see you stay on track with your care.

Broken focus happens to us all. Don’t let it take over your life this busy season.

We can loose focus with our health. We put other people first. We forget ourselves in the mix somewhere. Our ‘To-Do’ lists gets longer by the day.

Enjoy the season. Put yourself first.

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