Chiropractic and iPhones?


Does this look all too familiar? Our body and life is pulled in many directions at the same time. In our head we have so much going on? Work, school, relationships, money, bills, extracurricular, school, travel, appointments, illness, parents, travel and soo much more.. These are all our “ applications” running at the same time.

All of these take up space on our hard drive and require energy to run. We cannot escape the stresses of life. This PULL is always present.

Can you relate?

You know when you swipe up (on the iPhone ) to close all the applications you have open and think, “Wow I didn’t know I had so many applications open”. Each of these applications takes energy to run. Each takes up space. We cannot be pulled in many different directions without there being an effect on the body.

Think about how many applications you have open at one time? Where is your battery being drained?

We have all of these STRESSORS in our life. Stress causes subluxation in the nerve system, which is a disconnect between brain (source) and body.

A Chiropractic adjustment removes the stress, relaxes the whole nervous system and reboots your system, literally boosting up your battery. Getting plugged in, and connected, can help you deal with all the stressors in your life in a more calm and relaxed fashion.

We all have to deal with stress, granted we all have different amounts and causes of stress. We all can benefit form dealing with them from a more relaxed and connected place.

First off, it is important to detect where stress is coming from and reduce that which you can.

Second, it is vital to visit your Chiropractor to get plugged in and connected to help you RUN your life, not have your life run you.

Live your best life, from this inside out…get adjusted.


Keep Smiling,
Dr. Laura

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