Chiropractic Care and the nervous system

A comment I seem to get a lot is “Doc, I am doing physiotherapy, so I cannot do chiropractic”. Or “I am taking blood pressure medications, so I cannot do chiropractic”.

My honest answer is “I don’t’ know if I can help.  What I CAN do is remove the interference and clear out the nerve system so that we stay connected and allow the body to heal”.

I thought I would address the underlying theme I see prevailing in the above comments.

Chiropractic is distinct and unique in that a specific and scientific adjustment clears out the interference in the nerve system allowing your body to heal better, express more life and adapt to life at a higher level.

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There is nothing like chiropractic.

There is nothing that does what chiropractic does. Period. At all times, you want a healthy nerve system able to express the intelligence of the body at the highest level.

So here it is very basically. There are many many therapies out there that work and people have tried. There are many I value; there are many I don’t, to be quite honest.  That is just I. Goals of individuals are just that individual.

Let us start with “Whatever you take”. This is my chiropractic connection answer when someone says “But doc, I am taking XYZ medication”. Whatever you TAKE, be it antibiotics, antiviral, antinausea, cancer treatments, shots of any kind, or  you fill in the blank, your body needs a good nerve supply to LIVE. You need a good nerve supply to deal with these substances. Your nerve supply filters and detoxifies. Therefore you need a good nerve supply despite any of and in the face of taking these substances.

“Whatever you have”. When people list ailments they have, which can be quite extensive and then “…,so I cannot do chiropractic”. Again, let us examine the facts. If we have ADD, bowel obstruction, cancer, diabetes, tonsillitis, XYZ, you want the best quality nerve connection to the cells to optimize healing and life flow.  Despite the fact that you HAVE any of these, you would like to maximize the healing in the face of these conditions. Cancer is uncontrollable cell growth. We want the body to fight fire with fire and fight with all the power and intelligence it can muster to do the right thing, at the right time in the right amount.  IF we only have our nerve system working at 50%, I would want that maximized. I would not want 50% of 50%.

“Whatever you do”. This means whatever other therapies you are doing. This may include physiotherapy, acupuncture, salt therapy yoga, exercise, you fill in the blank. Despite the fact that we may DO any of those, you need a good nerve supply. End of story. Period. Nerves heal. The higher the quality the better our health and life expressed in the body.

So it doesn’t matter what you have, take or do you need a good nerve supply to live and stay connected.

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Stay healthy and happy,

Dr. Laura

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