Chiropractic relief

This happened in OUR office. I believe it illustrates that the body can heal far beyond our expectations and hopes.

A young gentleman is under our care. He has been for many years. He competes at the national level for gymnastics. His skills are amazing. Near Easter of 2014 he had a devastating accident in the gym. This could have had long lasting, career halting consequences. Orthopaedic consultations lead to a diagnosis of labrum tear of the shoulder and possible rotator cuff tear in one of the tendon. The arm was immobilized and very weak at the beginning. A few months later the young man was back in the gym, mobilization and movement was returning. He was scheduled for surgery September of 2015….more than one year from the date of accident. He was bumped up and got a cancellation for November 2014. A month prior to the surgery date, orthopaedics confirmed ( through imaging and testing) that surgery was still the only option and they should proceed. All tests still confirmed labrum tear and possible tendon involvement. Surgery date came. We were all anxious to hear how it ended up. Misha ( mom above) came into my office the evening after surgery. With a HUGE smile…”do you want the good news or bad news”…I was puzzled. HMMM..I said ” bad news I guess”…Well as it ended up the bad news was ” he had surgery”….and the good news? The surgeon who did the surgery and ” could find no evidence of the labrum tear and the tendon  in question seemed to heal itself”. Those were his exact words to her.

As an aside…After the surgery was done , the surgeon came into the waiting room and indicated to her ” her son’s knee was doing fine after surgery”…wrong patient, wrong family, wrong news…hmmmmm

Back to the story….I was beside myself with excitement and puzzlement at the same for what then?

In all the time since the accident ( and for years before the accident)..this family has NEVER missed a chiropractic appointment. Post surgery ( groggy from the anesthesia which took them longer to wake up the patient) he was in our office, seated for an adjustment. He came the day before surgery, and after, to ensure the nervous system  integrity. As the chemical stress and physical stress was extremely high.

This is a wonderful illustration that the body heals, far greater than we can imagine and the length far greater than our own doing.

This is the power of chiropractic.

How connected are you?
Is your body in healing mode?

Tell someone today who needs to know.

Dr. Laura
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