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I always assume when I meet someone new, that they are cared for by a Chiropractor.

I always open an encounter with someone new by saying, “My name is Dr. Laura Gravelle, I am a Chiropractor and who is your Chiropractor”.

It may sound like an assumption and that it is! I am never trying to sell myself when I say it… just educate the public about the importance of having your spine and nerve system under care. It is a conversation starter, that is for sure.

As the conversation goes on, it usually goes in one of two directions. One, they already have a chiropractor or two, they are curious as to why I would think they “need” a chiropractor by saying, “Oh, I don’t go to a chiropractor. I don’t’ NEED to”, and point to their back or neck or something. Here is my version of why the “need” should be changed to “desire” to go to a chiropractor for LIFE!

Going to the Chiropractor is a private thing. In that people from the outside can’t see that you go- not like a new haircut. People are private about going to a Chiropractor. Once you begin to go, you can spot those around you who go. You begin to change. People around you change. Then you want to shout it from the top of your lungs:

“ Life is better with Chiropractic”.


Why do I go? Why does my family go? Why do we keep going? Why do we make it an ongoing essential part of our long-term health strategy? Just a few reasons and here they are:

  1. We heal better. By going to a Chiropractor the stage is set for healing and if we are knocked down with something, we ramp back up with optimal health fast. Colds and coughs may last 2-3 days not 10 days.
  1. We feel better. Simply, the effect of stress is not as great in our body. We deal better with stress when it comes along and our moods are better.
  1. Headaches gone. I used to suffer from headaches greatly. They are reduced, if not entirely eliminated.
  1. Our daughter Lucy had a profound experience at birth, was sick and getting sicker and treated in the NICU for almost 3 weeks. We had the best Chiropractor in the province come into her bedside and adjust her in front of all the nurses and neonatologists. Her health, growth and ability to thrive turned a corner that day.
  1. Proper nerve supply helped our family get pregnant and now we have 4 children under 8.
  1. Helps me lead a drug free life. We do not have a “medicine cabinet” in our home. We only have a cabinet. Not so much as an Advil in my house. I want to teach my children the inside out model of health and living. Not just covering a symptom when the body is speaking to you.
  1. Live an independent life. That is, we are able to do all the things our kids do and be able to keep up with them. Being in our 40’s we are able to do that and I know keeping chiropractic as part of our health care we will be able to deal with life experiences in our 60’s and 70’s. That means our mobility is maintained and our independent lifestyle is maintained. This can translate into our ability to staying in our home as we age, travel, exercise, andspine keep pace with the youngsters! Like investments, chiropractic gets better with age and you can weather the storms of change better if you stick with it!


So …do I assume everyone wants the benefits that our family has seen with chiropractic? You bet ya! From birth through all stages of life. That is why upon introduction I always ask “And who is your chiropractor?”.


Who is it?

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Keep smiling and stay healthy

Dr. Laura

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