Chiropractor London Ontario">Chiropractor London Ontario

Chiropractor London Ontario

Are you looking for a Chiropractor in London Ontario?

When searching for a Chiropractor you may be overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. There are many Chiropractors in London Ontario.

Questions to ask yourself when beginning your search right at the beginning:

1. Would you like a female Dr. or a male Dr. – this will help you narrow your search right away. Who would you be more confortable with and whom would you feel more comfortable bringing potentially, your family to. For some people that may not matter at all. For others it is a deal breaker. It is a comfort and compatibility issue! Once you decide that, you can refine your search to begin with.

2. Geography- London is large (with a small town feel), where do you live and work and how far do you want to travel for your chiropractic visits?. Will you be going during your workday or after you get home in the evening?. You want to decide driving time how far is your comfort zone. This is not to say we don’t have patients whom drive a great distance to see us…. however London has its roadwork construction nightmare streets/ times you want to avoid at all costs. This will help you refine your search.

Once you have decided gender preference and location, then you are on to the qualities of the chiropractor.

1. Referrals- To begin with asks around. Ask your circle of friends, family, community, and colleagues. See whom they trust with their health, are happy with and get the desired results. Many times they are happy and thrilled to tell you. Taking your request to Facebook will get all sorts of answers. To begin with I would suggest ask people in person. Your notifications will start to ring off the hook if you turn to Facebook first. Ask people certain questions:

a) Are they getting the desired results?
b) Are they respected?
c) Is there time valued?
d) Is the office a worldclass experience?
e) What do they like most about their current Chiropractor

What I would look for if I were looking for a chiropractor- these are not in any particular order of importance.

a) Friendly staff.
b) Clean office.
c) Children’s play area.
d) Evening hours and Saturdays.
e) Other people there at the same time – indicating OTHER people trust this office.
f) Feeling of comfort and trust.
g) Fair fees -maybe even a family fee or plan.
h) Realistic and reasonable care plans based on clinical picture.
i) Dr. takes time and not feeing rushed.
j) Office smells nice.
k) Patients made to feel important.
l) Energy in office “ good”.
m) Confidence in clinical decision-making, clear report of findings and including myself (patient) in discussion of plan. Keeping the findings simple so I understand.
n) Knowing Dr. can help me, offer me hope and has found the problem.
o) Excellent diagnostic technology and adjusting skills.
p) Happy, upbeat and positive Dr.
q) I would feel comfortable referring my family and friends to this office!

There are many Chiropractors in London Ontario to choose from. I hope you consider chiropractic for its many benefits, and find JUST THE RIGHT Chiropractor for you!

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Stay happy, healthy and feeling terrific!

Dr. Laura Gravelle



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