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Chiropractor near me

Chiropractor Near me

When you are searching for a Chiropractor in London Ontario you should be qualifying the practitioner before you begin your journey in their office.

Here are some key questions to ask before you first go in:


“Are you near me?” – this is such an important question to ask . If they are within the location of your home, work or activities it will be so much more convenient for you to actually go and create it as part of your routine. It is less than ideal to have to travel far from your “normal travel pattern” to the chiropractor. It then will become a chore and simply will fall by the wayside as an inconvenience. When the chiropractor is a short walk ideally, or, a shorter drive it is more convenience. Yes… some people travel hours to their chiropractor but it is more important to “ be near me”. This way you can easily and effortlessly fit in your appointments and schedule of care within your already prioritized timeline.


“What are your hours?” – this again is very important to fit your appointments into your life. Are they open evenings and weekends? Do they have extremely busy times where your wait will be a long time. Yes, you want to go to an office that other people go to and is busy, but you don’t want to have to wait one hour for your appointment each time. Yes emergencies happen and the Dr. may get behind…but are they respectful of your schedule? You would ideally like to have an appointment time that is respected (within about 15 minutes) and not have to wait excessively. Yet you don’t want to be felt rushed because the office is so busy. Do they have convenient office hours is extremely important to ask.


“Do you have a family fee?” – A chiropractic office that encourages families and all members of the same family to come in, will have a family fee. That is a fee reduction or consideration for the additional family members from the household that choose to come to the office. If you have multiple members of your family it is wonderful to bring them all to benefit from chiropractic care but, it may be cost prohibitive if they all are full fee.


These are important questions to clearly ask and get answered before you consider searching out a chiropractor that fits your needs, lifestyle and values.

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