clarity of mind and vision

Clarity of mind brings clarity of vision. Clarity of vision brings clarity of mind.

I have been challenged lately and with that comes clutter in the mind and it is hard to concentrate and really keep top of mind all that is important. The little things seem to fall threw the cracks. Sometimes we can feel lost in all the little things that pile up.

When your mind is foggy or unclear you cannot see the road ahead. Your vision ahead, the road you are on your journey, mission and vision become foggy. We get side tracked. We loose our positioning and our internal beacon and directional force falls off true north.

For that time we may not know our worth, goal, direction and our WHY becomes small.

…When we stop and be still, our mind becomes clear and calm and our vision becomes crystal clear.

The opposite statement is true too.

As soon as we reconnect with our passion, purpose and vision- the WHO we truly are- then we become clear. Then we become calm and peaceful in mind. There is no one, no way, no how we can become off course. Even the strongest winds cannot blow our ship off course. No way no HOW. We are on a mission and will succeed. With a clear vision all that in unimportant is just that …unimportant.

Clarity of mind brings clarity of vision and clarity of vision brings clarity of mind.

How clear is your mind?
How clear is your vision?

Dr. Laura Gravelle 🙂
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