doing new things differently

What a shift September has been so far. In the weather and energy. It is amazing when you let go of things that are not working in your life/ business and how easy things become.

First we have to have the awareness to recognize if and when things are not working. If we are so connected and attached to procedures, we will never have thins awareness. For example in my office this week, we let go of a procedure that we were “attached to” and “thought” was essential. We looked at return on this procedure, checked in with the energy, realized it was ” hard and heavy”. It was a simple decision to lighten the energy and simply not do the procedure anymore. This freed us up more time and brought ease back.

Things can change and shift rapidly. Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it. You never know what new and exciting possibilities are just around the corner and what doors could open when you “become open”. Procedures and systems are important, absolutely, but always check in as they may need tweaking.

Dr L 🙂