Double Coloured Squirrel

Squirrel with a funny tail…
Well I just have to write about what I saw today. It made me reflect on yesterday. I was sitting waiting to pick up my eldest son from school at lunch. No biggie. A squirrel was on the lawn in front of my car. No biggie. Then i look closer it was a Black squirrel…it had a very light colour tail. I had to do a double take. It was like the tail was just attached on there. Black body….amber coloured tail. It did not go with the rest of his body. I was not fast enough with my phone or i would have taken a picture. I watched as this double coloured squirrel scampered away. Then he was gone. The front was so different than the back it was amazing. Two opposites in one spot. It made me reflect on how in one second you can think of one thing and the next minute it can be the very polar opposite. Within minutes yesterday I had some very exciting news of a pregnancy and literally within minutes in the exact place I was standing, someone else shared some very sad news with me of death. Polar opposites…the double coloured squirrel…one point of view…one extreme….and another extreme.
The double coloured squirrel….
Dr. Laura 🙂

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