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Dr. Laura Gravelle has a passion for helping people lead more vibrant and connected lives. Dr. Laura will motivate and empower your group as she shares her expertise as a business owner and chiropractor, a mother, and a former competitive athlete. Her fresh perspective on holistic wellbeing, combined with practical, action-oriented steps, will help each member of your group reach his/her full potential.

A dynamic speaker, Dr. Laura has a gift for inspiring others. When organizations invite her as a motivational speaker for their team, they see benefits in the health and productivity of their employees. Motivated and inspired employees are more engaged and eager to help others.


Upcoming Events


Back From Burnout: Tuesday February 25th – 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Take Back Control and Stomp Out Stress.
Leave with Immediate Solutions & Strategies!

Together we will uncover:
• The stress system of the body.
• The Adrenal system, inflammation and the brain relationship.
• Why and how these systems respond in the way they do.
• Ultimate body push back.
• What can be done… and how do we begin to heal?

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Dinner with the Doc : Tuesday March 3rd 6:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.


 Join us for this extremely beneficial Dinner this Fall!
Dr. Laura will share an Insightful & Inspirational short presentation on:The Stress Cycle
Brain Health
What makes us sick and how we can Get Well
Strategies to Break the Cycle & start NOWLink to FREE tickets


Gratitude at Gravelle – February 1-29 

Each working day of the month we are focusing on a different question!

We ask patients uplifting questions to enhance positive feelings, chemistry and thoughts.

Join the fun.

Here is a sample:





Are you looking for an engaging, entertaining and captivating speaker for your group or organization? Dr. Laura offers 15-30-60 minute versions of “How To Restore and Protect Your Health”. This health talk unlocks key questions asks by universal audiences. “How can myself and my family express health optimally?” and “What does stress do to my body?” 

The answers are simply explained and passionately expressed by Dr. Laura in a captivating message. Email [email protected] with “health presentation” in the subject line.




Calling all educators, teachers, principals, EA’s, administration. Dr. Laura has created the system for a very successful wellness event. Dr. Laura had a hand in organizing and implementing “Mind and Body” night at St. Anne’s Catholic school in London on May 17 2018. The evening focused around making wellness simple, easy and fun for parents and families. There was an opening address (Dr. Laura) and break out sessions which repeated three times. These breakout sessions were with different practitioners or businesses in the wellness world. Ranging from a educational board game company, naturopath, aikido, megawatt brain and more. There were swag bag and door prizes. If you are interested in having Dr. Laura (and these suggested practitioners) to your school please email [email protected] with “school wellness night” in the title.


Where is Dr. Laura?

The Shift Unplugged: Thursday February 6th-9th – Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Laura works alongside the best chiropractors, teams and families in the profession. To elevate ourselves we must always be learning. It is essential that learning occur in an environment away from every day.

Dr. Laura is participating in this fabulous recharge event.This unique stay and play experience will be focused on getting away, being around like-minded teams and being inspired all at the same time.

What will be gained from the experience?

  • Tools to keep you inspired in practice
  • Mentorship specific to your needs in practice or life
  • Learning from practices just like yours as to how they broke through their barriers
  • FUN!!

We know when we leave our lives behind for a couple of days, and enter into an ease state, much deeper learning can occur. This is the entire focus of this stay and play. NO, you don’t have to be a shifter to attend. This is open to ALL who want to come and bask in the sun and in the inspiration of others. Short morning sessions and one Friday afternoon session will be the formal part of the weekend, then hang at the pool, take the kids on bike rides, go into old Scottsdale for dinner and be INSPIRED AND REJUVENATED when you go home.


MNP Accounting: Tuesday February 12  – 12:00pm – 12:30pm

Stress Busters 101

Dr. Laura is delivering a lunch and learn to busy accountants and staff. The focus of this presentation is where stress comes from, how it affects the body, what we can do about it , what are effective strategies to implement starting today. The Bear is not chasing us and how to prevent it from eating us.


Walking with Women: Thursday Feb 20th – 9:30am – 12:3 am

Dr. Laura is sharing a message to this wonderful group of ladies. The message is focused are Our Stress Signature and Our Stress Physiology . Dr. Laura will be engaging all the participants in understanding their unique finger print of stress and how to put the best face forward.

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Sly Fox Web Design: Thursday March 12th – 12:00pm -1:00pmDr. Laura is sharing with this local business positive health strategies and how to better manage stress. The staff will leave with a 30 day health challenge as a team.  Dr. Laura delivers a enlightening and engaging presentation on a topic that “stresses you out”.

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