Energy Shifts

Just a note on energy. Energy can definitely change, shift and change fast. When you feel stuck, as if nothing is going to change, that is the energy you are putting out and guess what…nothing will change everything will stay the same. Since we have changed the energy in the office things have shifted greatly. We didn’t know how they were going to turn out…but just knew they were going to change. I am talking about physically changing things ; painting, new plants, rearranged the tables, bought new chairs, steam cleaned the rugs. But also implementing new procedures, new ways of doing things differently. If you want your life to show up differently try it. Change the physical surroundings but also your perception about the way you are doing things…this will open up new possibilities you may not have thought of before. I have developed a keen awareness of ” when” to do certain things in our office, and I act on them, or don’t act. I follow the energy. If it doesn’t seem right I don’t do it. If it does seem right I act and… if I hadn’t listened the moment would have passed. Today I had the awareness to give a patient a ” My Many Miracles” Journal. I knew it was what she needed. If I hadn’t the moment would have passed. Who knows how it may turn out maybe good maybe bad but I am glad I did.

Until Next Time
Dr. L 🙂

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