Oct 5/13
Failure- nows that’s an interesting title isn’t it.
I was listening to something from Gary Douglas and I had a great epiphany I want to share. When we fail ( or think we fail)…many times it is not failure at all.

We are so unkind to ourselves when we think ” I have failed”..then we tell every one ” XYZ didn’t work out”…have you ever done that?. Why do we do that? Why do we keep talking about it..over and over and over again? I don’t like trauma and drama do you?.

Yes doesn’t sound to good and we are unkind to ourselves. Failure is always a learning opportunity for growth…but way more than that. Failure opens up NEW and DIFFERENT possibilities that were previously UNKNOWN. Hey wow…now that’s a different choice and awareness of what truly failure is.

I know from my own life and “perceived” failures…and trust me there have been many…i now realize a whole new universe of possibilities have opened up due to that perceived ” failure”.

How many failures have you “perceived” you have had? Have new possibilities opened up once that failure has been achieved.

A great question to ask the universe is ” How many failures can I have today”…really ask as the result is always new possibilities and opportunities which is what you really want…unless of course you want to stay the same?

Dr. Laura 🙂

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