Feed Your Body

It’s that time of year again for resolutions.

It’s that time of year to check into your body.

What does your body want? How is it changing? How is it responding to the things you are putting into it?

I know what my body likes and doesn’t like. It used to like things that today it clearly doesn’t like and indicates to me loud and clear.

After the big meals, sweet foods, over indulgences in the holidays ( and I am sure i am not alone in this) we swear ” never again, never again”…You know somehow we all fall back into old habits. We need to make changes that are small and sustainable.

Firstly there are so many diets out there, magic pills, magic wands and fads. Just look around what is trending  now. I am sure many of the trends and fads are based on science and have merit. Some just seem alitle wacko to me.

I know fads of the past (that were very popular and thought to be the best thing since sliced bread at THAT time)…are now found to be dangerous, scary and not effective.

What to do? How do we filter through all of the information out there and find out what works for us? There are so many “experts” out there wanting our money, business and support.

As a Chiropractor I know this first hand, as I cannot tell you how many companies come to me to try their pills, lotions and potions looking to my clients as possible clients for them.

This I don’t entertain.

I do my research but seriously there is just so much information out there. How am i supposed to research it all. WOW that is overwhelming.

I know one thing. I know if i don’t feed my body good, healthy, ALIVE foods I don’t feel well. If i eat ( which i don’t very often) processed or boxed foods I don’t feel good. I listen to my body. Do i deny myself a treat now and again. No. Do i eat in moderation- yes.

Tips on healthy eating:
Limit Grains- they are inflammatory.

Eat slowly.

Sit down to eat- this assists digestion.

Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store (thanks mom!).

Buy hormone free, antibiotic free, grass fed meats (thanks laziz meats 1770 Ernest St London ON).

Don’t drink water with your meal.

Monitor your ph- eat Alkaline foods.

Squeeze a lemon in your water to start your day.

No refined sugar.

Happy, Healthy Eating !

Dr. L

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