Getting Un-Scheduled

Getting un-scheduled
It is important to unplug, unwind and un-schedule. I know we can live in a life that resembles a treadmill. We go…go…go…and go some more…we run from one place to another place, always in a hurry, always late, always making apologies for being late, so busy, always checking to see where we have to be and where we need to be next.  Stop…for a minute as you are reading this and just think how many times you checked your phone for incoming texts or messages today regarding your schedule.  .  We find ourselves under the hook of time. If you have a business that is driven on appointments this is more so true as you see days, if not weeks at a time most likely. This is true in my business.
The next thing you know 6 months have gone by. 6 months it’s June already. “ Where did the time do”, all too often is said.
We know where time goes it is our choice as to what we do with that time.
Yes we have to have order, management and time blocks in our day. We have to have order and meetings.
Here’s the kicker…It is so good when we don’t. What do I mean by that? It is very important to feed your soul with things that grow, nourish and support you within your day. Within each day actually.
But when you literally have “ nothing to do” it feels great. This is time I called “ going un-scheduled”. This can be for a day, a week or just an afternoon. No time line, no meetings, no schedule to be at the mercy of.
A break from routine.
A break from schedules.
A break.
When we really distance ourselves, even for a few days  (or hours) from our routine we always come back refreshed and revitalized.
Incorporating rituals in our daily living that feed our soul, no longer become a “ scheduled activity”. It is very different to HAVE to put another thing on your plate, rather than framing a soul feeding activity as just part of your day.
This activity is no longer felt like a “ scheduled act” but just part of your being.
A mentor of mine began the practice of thiachi.  His commitment to himself was to do this everyday. With only missing a handful of times this has become incorporated into his being for the last 5 years now.
I find myself NOT thinking of the things that “ need to be done”, or “ should get done” or “ I could be doing” when I am on un-scheduled time.
Getting back to reality and schedules will be different when I return. This peaceful feeling of calm, cool and de-stress will stay with me and fuel my vision, passion and purpose. How will your un-scheduled time create value in your life?
How do you un-schedule?
What commitments can you make to yourself to encoroporate life giving and living activities into your life?

I challenge you to un-schedule…even if it is for an afternoon.
Dr. L:)
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