Give, give and give some more

Give give and give some more
I have realized that it is pretty cool to give.
It is pretty cool to give your time, energy, money and love.
That is the easiest to give, your love.
When you give love it always comes back. You may never know where, when or how it will come back. I have learned to listen to love. Listen to the language of love. When I have the thought, feeling or idea to do something and it resonates with my heart. That is makes my heart sing. I do it. I act.
I have a patient whom is going through cancer for the third time. I gave her and her family our cottage for 4 days in august. Gave her. No money . Just a relaxing times on the shores of lake huron. Memories she made will stay with her and her family. It makes my heart sing to do that.
I didn’t want anything in return. Just a hug and a smile when she returned saying she had a nice time, even if she was bed ridden for some of it.
Listen to the language of love and when you can give and give and give some more this week….
It is pretty cool to give just for the sake of giving. It is in us all. We all may not have money to give away, but we all have something. We all have something. It may be old clothes, time, old cell phones, a car to shuttle someone to and from appointments, something we are not using any more, gifts, prayer, love. The easiest  is Love.
I think Love and giving go together. You really have to have love in giving to give the item. You have to think of someone to give it to, this evokes feeling of them in you. You then have to think of the prefect item. This evokes feelings.  With giving and not expecting anything back, that is love. Giving out of love.
I challenge you to love and give some more this week.
Dr. Laura J
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