Health Goals in 2016

We all want “ health and happiness “ for the year ahead.   It is a common New Year’s resolution people state. “I will get healthier in the year ahead.” Many times this unfortunately lasts only a short time and then old habits take hold.


I have been getting up at 5:45 AM and dedicating to exercise, meditation and read/ listen to something motivational for one hour at least. I decided to do this Sept 4th 2015. This is my morning time and ritual. This is very important to me. It has been a dedication I made. Not a resolution, just a decision. A habit I began to create… not a resolution – something I needed to change.

Our health is something people get very nostalgic about and hope for in the future and remember from the past at the close of a year .  People often reflect back at a time when they could do more, be more, have had more energy, engaged in life more, do more of the things they loved.

Moving into the new year 2016, It is fact that, under Chiropractic care, one’s life and health IS better!

We can hang our hat on the fact that people under Chiropractic care experience better health outcomes.

Facts, evidence, science, research, and results are what matter!

**A study published in 2007 compared the health outcomes of two random yet similar groups of people. One group saw a medical doctor as their Primary Care Provider (PCP), while the other group saw a Chiropractor as their PCP.

What were the results?

Clinical and cost utilization based on 70,274 member-months over a 7-year period. That means there were a lot of people in the study that spanned over 7 years and collected over 70K  months worth of data.

The results were clear. The group that saw a Chiropractor as their primary care provider demonstrated:

  • 60.2% decrease in hospital admissions
  • 59.0% less hospital days ( if admitted)
  • 62.0% less outpatient surgeries and procedures
  • 85% less pharmaceutical costs

These are outstanding and clearly demonstrated overall improvements in health outcomes.

As the new year approaches it is becoming more widely known, that one of the greatest health strategies a family can implore is regular Chiropractic care.

This is no longer just an opinion, but fact!.

Based on the findings above, paying for Chiropractic care should be looked at as an investment more than just health debt. Investing in Chiropractic care helps YOU and your family improve the single most important physical asset YOU have on earth…YOUR Health!

Make it a priority and strategy, not just a resolution “for better health”…make a change and a decision starting today.

**Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2007 (May); 30(4) 263-269 Blanks RG, Schuster TL, Dobson M. A retrospective assessment of Chiropractic Care using a survey of self-rated health, wellness and quality of life. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research 1997; 1(4): 11-27

In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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