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The best part of being a Chiropractor…ok one of the best parts of being a Chiropractor is making home visits to new mom and babe.

Yes I had a full day, Yes it was 8:30 pm but you know what it was all worth it and I consider it as ” part of my job”.

There is always NO FEE for home visits. Just a hug….maybe a fresh baked muffin in this case…yum yum.

What other profession cares so much about your health, wellbeing, comfort and growth that they would offer and insist on coming to you. That was me with this family.

I have been the recipient of ” home visits” and to me, it is just karma and returning the favour to the universe.

Last night I had the privilege of checking a new mom at her home, after an induction ending in an  unscheduled c-section and a rather difficult and prolonged labour.  As well as checking her 3 day old son. What an honour.

I ask you if you are a chiropractor are you doing home visits? do you charge for them? do you charge MORE for them? I think you need to revisit that procedure.

A hug that is my payment. Not a penny more.

Yours in health and growth

Dr. Laura 🙂

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