How bright is your bulb

Do you ever think of your brain like a light bulb?

Is it burning bright or dim…?

Is it full to your potential?

Is there film or dust on the bulb?

Is it a LED bulb or a dull white?

Our brain is divided into different areas with different functions. The brain is very very complex and we know so very little about the brain, learning more every day but still know very little.

The frontal lobe is where all our higher brain functions occur. This is our area of higher learning.



Functions of the frontal lobe are:

  • Rationalization
  • Language
  • Higher mental processes
  • Decision making
  • Reasoning
  • Creativity
  • Spatial orientation
  • Reaction time

All of these are higher level activities. They help us interact with the world around us, deduce from the world, and make decision in a formulated fashion.

What does the brain have to do with a chiropractic adjustment?

Great question!

Your brain needs movement from your spine to work. We have motion sensors called proprioceptors in the back. When they move they send signals to the brain. These sensors wake the brain up and dial down the stress response.

When these priorpiocepts are not firing all of the above mentioned functions are down regulated.

Think about… it in stress we cannot think rationally, we act more emotionally, we get overwhelmed by simple tasks, our language and reasoning go out the window.

A chiropractic adjustments sends blood to (wakes up) the frontal lobe.

We actually begin to become more connected from simply thinking about ourselves to thinking about others.

Each and every chiropractic adjustment

  1. Wakes up the brain
  2. Dials down the stress response in the brain
  3. Brings your entire systems into ease
  4. Activates your frontal lobe


Brighten your bulb…

Visit your chiropractor today.



Stay Healthy and Well

Dr. Laura 🙂