How connected are you?

I have always know we are all connected.  You probably have too…when you think of someone and they call.  That feeling of something …and it happens….those little indications that your life is on track…someone finishes your sentence ” I was just going to say that”.

Especially in the healing art of “Chiropractic” connection is key. We always strive to feel a connection with all our patients, and if the connection is not there, things don’t flow well. I always prepare for the day with a clear intention of connection.

I find the more I intend on connecting (and practice at clearing things that don’t allow connection to show up)…the more things happen with clarity and ease.

So yesterday I was anxious. Don’t know why. Kids were kind of wild. Husband was at work. We are anticipating my sisters birth of her first baby. I was ” Off”.  Her due date was yesterday. I guess I was anxious. Felt a little disorganized and disconnected.

…At that exact moment…I get a text message from my friend. ‘ I am getting a sense you are off are you ok’…. she thought because she was sick her ” feelers” could have been off, she questioned her comment and thought she may be off base…and perhaps she was picking up something that was not there.

AHHHHAAAA here sickness actually heightened her connection. WOW is what i said. How did she know. I know how she knew. We are all connected.

So my question is- how connected are you?

Do you see the connection we have with everyone and everything around us?. In previous blogs I have written about ” the links of life”. This is a great illustration of a link that strengthens us. Connection.

So in my practice and life I strive for connection. To feel a connection to people and to help them connect to their own selves and healing capacity.

I practice connection.

I meditate on connection.

I feel authentic connections

How connected are you? to others? to yourself?

How can you show connection to others?

Are your connections real and authentic?

Get connected.

Stay connected.

Dr. Laura G 🙂
twitter: @chirolaurag
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