I’ve been looking for this my entire life

Wow what a day. We have been making connections in the city and I did a workshop in the community today. This was a lunch and learn for interested staff.

You know when you know that someone in the crowd is soaking up all of what you are saying. Just drinking it in. You know someone in the crowd really needs to hear what you are saying…their life depends on it.

Well I had that feeling in this crowd…this day…

As I do, when I speak about chiropractic, I share the philosophy of chiropractic on a level that relates to all. As I was sharing and emotionally connecting with the crowd, I knew someone was really about to hear something that could change their life.

When I was finishing up, scheduling interested parties, and answering questions, I was approached. This young lady said and I quote

” I have been waiting my whole life to hear this, I am very sick and all the doctors want to do is put me in a study and give me more pills”. 

You really never know why, how or what power put you in the situations and settings you are placed in.

I knew I was in that facility, this day, this time for a reason.

Together we will change the above picture.

Keep smiling
Dr. L 🙂

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