Links in the chain of life

We were at P n P this past weekend. That stands for the Chiropractic Conference Pure and Powerful. I understand the conference to be named that, as the principles of Chiropractic are so pure and powerful.

I love to go.

I love to go with my staff and this was no exception. We just have a newer staff member on our team and it was so important for her to attend…personally and professionally. She was just a sponge absorbing all the information.

When you are around such positive people you cannot help but be on cloud 9. I mean seriously is this much energy legal?

There was about 150 people there. This conference is for Chiropractors, Chiropractic Assistants, Chiropractic Technicians and Students.There should have been double or triple that. The information shared was that transformational and inspirational. Even though I have heard the information and statistics before, you always take away something new.

I was approached by 3 unique people at the conference.

Link #1

A lady came up and introduced herself to me as she heard my daughter LUCY’s Chiropractic story of transformational healing shared at the last P n P. She was so impacted by the story she emailed me after the last conference and we finally met at this one. She is a Chiropractic Assistant at a local Chiropractor office in London and because of Lucy’s story she is going to be speaking the truth about Chiropractic care with more certainty and conviction.

Link #2

A young Chiropractic student in her 4th year came up to me. She introduced herself. I instantly remembered it was her who I took out for lunch about 4 years ago. This was just prior to her entering the Chiropractic course in Toronto. We had lunch at that time and talked about the profession. It just so happens that her father is the contractor whom has done numerous fences and decks for us at numerous houses. This is how we initially realized his daughter and I had a similar professional path. I was a chiropractor and she was in the program. I knew it was helpful for his daughter to talk to someone who was working in the profession. Here she is now standing in front of me almost ready to graduate. Soon to be colleague not just student.

Link #3

A lady came up to me. I suspect in her 30’s. She asked if I remembered her. I had to admit, sheepishly I needed help. I am very good with faces but needed some direction. She informed me I was her Chiropractor when I worked at UWO in an associate position. I was her Chiropractor for her time at university. It was because of my inspiration that she decided to go into the Chiropractic professional as a Chiropractic Assistant. I was her inspiration. WOW. She is a Chiropractic Assistant with the lady from Link #1. They work together.

Each of these links by themselves would just be single event. No real significance. Maybe. But put them all together under one roof, under one day conference  and wow. You realize that all the links, all the pieces of your life story are there. They are made stronger by attaching to all the other pieces. Together links are just pieces of metal. Put together they are strong, cohesive and structure and strength to each other.

What links are you going to put together today?

Dr. L 🙂
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