Loving the NO’s

Every time we are faced with a challenge we can either do nothing or do something. Fear stops a lot of action right in its track.

Instead of thinking negatively in terms of “what could happen if I do “…maybe think “what could happen if I don’t”.  Someone could not benefit from my service or product, or know the truth. Whose life would be negatively affected if I chose NOT to act.

Fear can squash dreams.

There is a saying that one of my great mentors always said, and still resonates with me. “The four SW’s”:

Some Will– some will love you; love your product, your message.

Some Won’t- some people will not like you, your message, your office, and your personality. You cannot please everyone.

So What– it doesn’t really matter what other people think, as long as you are acting in accordance to your values and philosophy.

Someone is Waiting– literally someone is waiting around the next corner, who is waiting to hear all about you, your services, and your gifts.

image2You have to go through the No’s to get to the Yes’s. I learned this a long time ago. Don’t get frustrated by the NO’s. The more NO’s you go through the closer you are to the YES. And it could be a big one.

Bring on the NO’s, as they are part of the journey of life.

Don’t get discouraged, frustrated, down on yourself. We will get knocked down but have resolve, perseverance in getting back up. It is in the getting back up that we shine. Get down, don’t stay there long, dust yourself off, dust off the rejection and keep going. You are that much closer to a YES !


I have made a decision, and held accountable in the office, to make 5 outreach calls a week. These calls are to organizations, businesses small, medium and large to discuss opportunity within their organizations for collaborating to create healthy employees. I have received positive responses. I have also received negative responses.

One negative was followed by a call to Chapters/ Indigo. Long and the short of it, next thing I knew I was on the phone with the HR department of the Indigo head office in Toronto. I don’t know where this opportunity will lead to, but taking the leap and walking in faith, not sight, is important. If I had thought negatively from the previous call (which was a negative) I would have never picked up the phone and gotten through to the head office.

Learn to love the No’s they are part of the journey!

Keep smiling

Dr. Laura

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