Mason’s Letter

We all hope our children get some of what we are trying to share with them. They are sponges and absorb, see, feel, internalize everything you say and do. They are like hawks always watching. Even when you think they’re not, they are.

We hope we are doing the best we can.

We hope they will make good choices from the inside out vs. the outside in from all their outside influences. These outside influences are just going to get stronger.

We all want to teach our children good, strong and positive strategies for life skills!

One day, before I was going to a very principled chiropractic seminar Dynamic Essentials in January 2016 , my 7 year old came home with a letter. He is in grade 2. He is learning how to properly address the “to” and “from” aspects of an envelope.

He was directed by his teacher to write a letter. This was to be to anyone they chose. They were to address it, and put the date.

He chose to write his letter to GOD.

He could have chosen anyone: mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, grandma. He chose GOD.

His letter said this:masons letter

Dear God

Thank you for the world and life. I am happy because I have a life.

Here is a picture of this letter, written in grade 2 writing.

He gets it.

He said, “Mommy, why are you crying?” I said,  “This is beautiful Mason. Why did you choose to write it to GOD?” …He didn’t know who else to write it to.

I am thankful, even if it for this brief moment in time. He seems to get it.

Thankful for life!

Something we should all strive to be.

In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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