Motion Is Life

Motion is Life! We are in constant motion, it is what we were all born to do. When we think of our internal organs, they are in constant motion without conscious outside efforts from ourselves. It is common knowledge to almost all, that our bodies need to be physically active daily, is vital to healthy living. Moving and being flexible has great impact on our health, when our body moves your heart beats faster increasing blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, but does it run deeper than that?

What about integrating the body mind connection so we can reflect the flexibility to our mental and emotional well being? Yoga and meditation practices have become more popular these days and the benefits of exercise and body/mind connection has a grand effect of the flexibility and resilience of body mind and soul.

A study done at the University of B.B found that partaking in regular aerobic exercise appears to boost the size of the hippocampus which is the position of the brain that controls verbal memory and learning. “Keeping your spine flexible and mobile is not only good for your body but it’s actually improving your cognitive functioning.” Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize Recipient for Brain Research “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.” Our spine alone is connected to billions of nerve ending and cells that are vital to our overall well being. “Until recently, the blood supply to the brain (cerebral blood flow or CBF) was thought to be involuntarily regulated by the body and relatively unaffected by changes in the blood pressure caused by exercise or exertion. The NMHU research team and others previously found that the foot’s impact during running (4-5 G-forces) caused significant impact-related retrograde (backward-flowing) waves through the arteries that sync with the heart rate and stride rate to dynamically regulate blood circulation to the brain. In the current study, the research team used non-invasive ultrasound to measure internal carotid artery blood velocity waves and arterial diameters to calculate hemispheric CBF to both sides of the brain.

It just takes a few minutes, physical activity boosts your metabolism. Research shows that physical activity decreases depression and increases self-esteem. The human body contains more than 600 muscles, which is an indication that the body was constructed for amazing physical capabilities, and creates and integrates the body and mind connection. It is clear that the human body functions best when it is active. Being mindful of listening to our bodies and not pushing past your “edge” is important, paying attention to not put pressure on our spines while practicing stretches and twists.

There is power in motion!

Remember, movement does more than just help heal your body, it can also give you hope, joy, combat anxiety and lessen depression.

Our # for the month is #motionislife.

As an office we are participating and supporting the event “Steps for Life”. The organization Threads of Life supports workplace safety. We walk every year for the memory and support of Jeremy Bowley, a friend who was a victim of workplace accident in 2013. We miss him and work together to bring about awareness of workplace safety.

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Yes I want my spine to move better!

Stay healthy and moving

Dr. Laura

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