There Is No Magic Pill

I look around me and I see a very sick society. Suffering with an extensive list of health concerns everything from headaches, heartburn, asthma, cancer, stress, anxiety, digestive unrest, stress and stress again. You heard me stress 3 x over. That is, in my mind, the root of all health concerns.


We are so conditioned to believe that the answer to all our problems comes in a bottle. Comes from outside – in.  A bottle OF ANY KIND. Over the counter, prescription, oil, vitamins, juices, supplements, a magic remedy from some eastern rain forest etc. We are conditioned to believe the answer and solution are outside of us. That is easy for us to buy into. That is easy for us to lean on and think “Phew, I’ve finally found it”. This is our crutch.

magic pillCompanies are praying on this conditioned response of our society. Everywhere you turn there is a new company sprouting new information, new products, and new remedies that “within this bottle lies the answer to all of your concerns”.  Really? Let us examine that a little.

This is highlighting to me a few things.

  1. Our society is sick, dying and crying for solutions to their health and turning anywhere they can and listening to whoever either gets to them first or has the flashiest product.
  2. People with really no medical knowledge are becoming “experts” and go to  when they are selling something for a company. They become the trusted resource simply by restating what they have been told to tell us.
  3. We are conditioned to believe the answers are outside of our body.
  4. We will put anything and everything into our bodies first for a quick fix.

magic pill

In our office we share our health vision of health to patients this way; From the inside out.

  1. The body has an inborn wisdom in it to be healthy. It is programmed for healing, health and vitality. This is directed by innate intelligence (inborn wisdom).
  2. The nerve system is the master system and controls all body functions. The nerves are the extension cords of life. They communicate and express innate intelligence through the body to all its parts.
  3. Interference in the nerve system (subluxation) decreases the expression of LIFE and healing in the body, this decreases the ability of the body to restore itself.
  4. Re-connection to the power within (and adjustment) turns on the switch of life and helps us adapt to life at a higher level.

Does that come in a bottle?

Are there certain things that support the body on its journey to health…yes SUPPORTIVE…but first we need to ensure a healthy nerve supply. You can spend all the money you want on these NEW and MAGIC powders, potions and lotions but if our nerve system can’t deal with them properly they are for nothing, and a waste of magic pill

Outside-in model of health is not the best way to think about health, it has many flaws…yet we have all been conditioned to believe that this is the answer.

Inside-out model is the first place to look.

Trust that your body knows what it needs, when it needs it and how much it needs to be well and thriving!

Have a connected day,

Dr. Laura

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