OMG My Shoulder Is Killing Me… but I did nothing

How we heal. It is an interesting fact. You can wake up in the morning and your shoulder is hurting so much, BUT you say “but I didn’t do anything. Nothing at all. Just woke up that way…..”. Have you ever said that?

Let’s think about healing like an onion. The layers can be many and deep. They are the same as the way the nerve system stores and holds onto experiences.

We can think of the core of an onion being “the centre”. State zero. No stress. It is the source of all healing and the farther away from it we get the lower our threshold becomes to express that inner glowing light and total healing.

As we move away from the centre, add more layers, the life expression in our body can get lessened. We experience less. Our threshold is less. Our ability to deal with new stress (even if it is simple and minimalistic) is dramatically lessened.

We add on layers and we add on years.

Perhaps it went something like this… sound familiar?

Birth… a broken arm… a gymnastics fall… a boating accident… a motor vehicle accident… emotional stress… PTSD… and now our “sudden shoulder pain” just came out of nowhere…”MY shoulder is killing me”.

As we add on layers and layers of stress, gone unchecked and stored. The body changes. We no longer have the same ability to deal with the stress load of life and our santa sac of  “stress-o-life” has just gotten heavier. Yet our ability to deal with the load has gotten weaker. Our system structurally may have changed over the years, reflective of the exhaustive or becoming exhaustive, system.

Our posture may reflect something like this: head forward, shoulders rolled in, neck arched forward, head down, shoulders up in ears, rounded back, problems breathing.

This posture will tell us how the load of life has been ~ really we measure your ”life to date”.

A heavy load of life could be “headaches for 15 years, then a numb toe, then problems sleeping, then antidepressants for 15 years” ….and so on and so on.

When your head is forward your brain can no longer effectively navigate where you are in space and adapt appropriately. We lose the adaptive and flexible edge. Literally the curves are in our spine to help us sway and bend (as buildings do) to the load of life.

Time to return back to the source of all healing, so we can express and experience life fully may take time. May take years of unpatterning the pattern, create a new pattern and then reinforce the pattern with repetition.

When the brain learns to get out of stress, respond better to its environments and adapt appropriately we begin to heal.


How many layers of stress do you have?

How thick is your onion?

Can we help you break though these layers?


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Dr. L