Patient Appreciation Day

It is great to say thanks. We love saying thanks. We love a party and we love an invitation.


That is really what began our thoughts to create a Patient Appreciation Day.treat bowl

We wanted to thank our current patients for thinking of others in their health struggles and, inviting them into the office. You NEVER see a medical office doing a Patient Appreciation Day, I don’t believe.

We are different and that is what we want to showcase, is that our office is different, our philosophy is different, and most of all YOUR care will be different in this office than any medical office out there. Dare I say it…..WE, OURSELVES, ARE DIFFERENT. I pride myself in being different. I don’t want to be the same as everyone else. I want myself and our office to stand out.

SO we have a party to invite others into our space to come check us out.

Reserve the date

Friday September 30th .

9:30 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.

350 Oxford St. West . Suite 202


Prior to the event on our front desk we have a sign up for any friends and family or loved ones of current patients, to sign them up to attend. What the day is all about is those guests come in and their first visit is FREE. That ONE day only. That is a chiropractic consultation, exam, nerve scan and X-Ray, IF needed. FREE. Our invitation and gift to you.

There is a sign office decoratedup and we pre-schedule a time for each guest (or entire family) as we have extended our office hours that day to accommodate the interest. We want to be able to serve everyone. We encourage those interested, or who hear about of Patient Appreciation Day and want to be part of it…to call in 519-433-9222, speak to Lesa and she will schedule you a time during the day that works best. ON US!!!

And for the referring patient…as a thank you and gesture of appreciation, the referring patient receives a small gift from Dr. Laura for each patient whom attends from them. So if 5 patients attend from MARY …MARY received 5 small gifts from Dr. Laura. How awesome. Give …Get …in appreciation.

In preparation of the event we have decorated for the party! Balloons, streamers and home made treats on the front desk (bags of home made granola and dried fruit medley). Help your self. Again just in appreciation of your trust in us, dedication to YOUR health and the thanks for helping others.


Stay healthy and keep smiling,

Dr. Laura

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