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Procrastination is the Thief of Health


There is a good, better, best time to take care of your health. We all know we are busy. There maybe a better time to look after our health.

I can tell you one thing there is a BAD time to take care of your health- that is when it is gone. When we don’t have it any more. We don’t have the energy, time is not on our side, resources are gone…we are literally running on empty.

Not the best time to think clearly, make key decisions and do really anything well.

When we are high on life, things are going our way, buzzing along in life, thinking that things are smooth sailing, nothing can knock us down, running from activity to activity…we may not THINK about our health because it is working for us.

We MAY be taking it for granted because our bodies, minds and spirits are working together for the greater good. This is fabulous yes but think of the reverse. When things start to fail we don’t or wont’ have the energy, time or frame of mind to do things we normally would have.

Changes and decisions regarding our health are more reactive when we are ill. They are knee-jerk which means “ I have to do SOMETHING NOW anything NOW”.

We think short term to get the symptom or problem gone. We aren’t thinking long term.

I think of health like investing in the stock market

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Start soon and start young. The younger the better. This way time is on your side.

  1. The younger you start caring / investing the more time you have to whether the storms the ups and downs.
  2. The sooner you start the more reserve you have in your account.
  3. If you started investing at 75 years old time is NOT on your side. One bump in the road and you are done.
  4. You can easily catch up if you start young.
  5. Planning will save you.
  6. Starting habits early become part of who we are as we grow and develop.
  7. The habits we have are then taught to our children.

If we understand the sentence to be procrastination is the thief of health. Thinking   “ I will do something about it tomorrow”. That tomorrow turns into months, weeks, years or even decades. Hasn’t that problem gotten worse? Think of a cavity gone UN treated. It IS going to spread fast and to the neigbouring teeth, now we have a real problem that is going to take more time, more investment, more energy to correct when it is too far gone. We don’t have those resources when we are ill.

I look at my parents. They are the picture of heath. They are 73 and 72. They have taken care of their health as long as I can remember. They eat well. NO medications. Are under regular chiropractic care. Stay and remain active. Thoughts are positive and minds stay active. Engaged in their community. And love to travel.

I also see the same age of patients in my office with a very different health picture and presentation. Multiple meds, not living in own home, dependent on care from others, limited mobility, cannot travel because insurance is so high for out of country.

I know which camp I want to be in as I look ahead to that age bracket. Do you?

Take charge. Take control. Make today the day you say “ help me on the journey of wellness”.

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stay healthy and happy

Dr. Laura J

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