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I have the honour of being asked to present at the upcoming Pure and Powerful Chiropractic conference March 5th in Toronto. This is a very powerful Chiropractic conference. This conference has been in existence for 13 years and I have attended 12 of them. They are held twice a year, and I have only missed one in 12 years.

The conference focuses on the principle of Chiropractic- that being there is a universal intelligence in the world and a small part of that is innate intelligence within us. The forum helps us appreciate, honour and share this principle with our patients and communities.

It is a very powerful platform for personal growth and change.

There are over 300 of the best Chiropractors dedicated to growing personally and professionally in attendance. The platform speakers at this P n P will be flown in from all around Canada and the US.

This is more than a chiropractic conference. This is a life conference. There is nothing greater than LIFE.

I am going to be sharing from the heart.

I am going to be sharing lessons based around a story of a chance meeting of two AJ’s off the football field. Here is the link to the 5-minute video clip


It is about the unlikely and coincidental meeting of a star quarterback (AJ McCarron) and another AJ. AJ Starr was born with cerebral palsy and always thought he was different. All AJ Starr wanted to do was play football. He would always look through the fence at the team practicing.   The clip is about the sequence of events that lead to their meeting and what turned into AJ Starr becoming the equipment manager and becoming a blessing to this football team.

Here are the lessons I am sharing at the conference about this encounter between the two AJ’s.

more you hear

  1. Listen to the small voice within. Be sure to take time in life to look around, pay attention don’t be too busy to see the little things. Listen to that small voice and when it speaks to you…do something and act.


  1. gravelle lesson 2Be a blessing- look around and don’t miss opportunities to be a blessing in other people’s lives. It only takes 17 seconds to change someone ‘s life.   Small ways is all it takes to make and be a blessing.


gravelle lesson 3

  1. There is a bigger plan at work in our lives- all the variables aligned to create the meeting between the two AJ’s. What forces are in your life to bring people, places, events, things that are helping you reach your purpose?


  1. gravelle lesson 4Dream Big- Don’t always look though the fence and at the other ‘players’ of the game of life. The fence can represent fear, resistance, and all the barriers we place in our lives. If AJ Starr can get beyond the fence, onto the football field and become the equipment manager for this elite team, we all can blast through barriers in our lives. Don’t let challenges stop you from continually trying.


gravelle lesson 5

  1. Do something with your talents – Uncover and discover your God given talents. Don’t hide them. Don’t bury them.


In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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