Rock YOUR Beauty

The Rock YOUR Beauty is a message that is near & dear to my heart, the message of empowerment, acceptance and confidence for women of any stature, ethnicity, breast size & hair colour needs to be sent FAR & WIDE.

My name is Ashley Thomas, and after many years of battling insecurities & confidence issues and not valuing what makes me unique I decided enough; even if no one loved me I was going to love myself and this needs to be my message to other women.

We are living in an epidemic of comparison, of feeling stressed & depressed, of not feeling good enough.

As a woman, my heart really does yearn to reach, connect and validate other women, to let them know you aren’t alone. To send a message of unconditional acceptance and understanding of who you are where ever you are on your journey.

I met Dr. Laura Gravelle of all places…on Facebook! I saw a picture she had posted in our cottage area Facebook group with her family, I felt instantly connected. She had young kids a busy life and balancing running her own practice…so I sent a quick message and friend invite. Over numerous conversations regarding weekend plans and working to meet we finally did!!

The universe works in mysterious ways and it never ceases to amaze me! When you are truly open to new experiences and learning; what can come your way. Laura and I have so many similar values & life philosophies that it was just fate that we met through a Facebook group and realized we only lived a few minutes away.

Our ideals of health and wellness are spot on & a collaboration together only makes sense!!!

I am a trained educator with Young Living spreading the message of the benefits of these pure organic Mother Nature intended molecules of magic. To me it’s nothing short of a miracle that we have grown up as a species co-existing with these plants whose organic chemistry is not much different from our very own. We live & breathe in the same environment, our sense of smell is the only one of our five senses directly linked to the limbic system; the emotional control center.

seed-to-sealAfter studying aromatherapy and using essential oils in replace of other modern medicine for me and my family I felt inspired to make this my journey and I chose Young Living to do it with after much research. They are the only company who has a “seed to seal” process.

“Literally, from the plant seed that is dropped into the soil to the essential oil sealed in the amber bottle in Young Living’s state of the art bottling facility, The Seed to Seal process is carefully supervised from beginning to end to ensure quality and purity of Young Living pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.”

Dr. Laura and I are combining forces to send a message that NEEDS to be heard, about loving yourself enough to be proactive about your health, about listening to your body and giving it what it needs BEFORE you get sick.

you-are-the-canvasOur Wellness Seminar “Rock YOUR Beauty & Unlock YOUR Potential” focuses on simple strategies that will give you the tools to support you on your path to wellness, health & abundance beauty for life!

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We want to make sure we are serving our community to the best ability so please reach out with your three most burning questions on healing, natural health & combating stress.

How can we help you?

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As a busy professional who’s field is wellness & health it’s not about always living the perfect life day to day or encompassing the perfect mindset day to day; for me the road to health & well being and a life of beauty IS ABOUT having the tools to get back on track when life happens. Having big goals for yourself & family and living life each day with a WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL and getting back to it. Being able to correct your mindset, see energy leaks, quick tips for healthy nutrition and a way to get your body & life back into balance so you can continue serving your purpose.

I have flaws and make mistakes but I get back on my path and focus towards the light even during dark moments and that’s what makes me a believer and inspiration to others.

Ten Ways Essential Oils Support Me in Making MY Dreams a REALITY

  1. Supports my immune system
  2. Rids my home of toxic chemicals that lead to disease
  3. Empowers me with Energy
  4. Inspires me with Motivation
  5. Comforts my emotions & moods
  6. Keeps my kids calm
  7. Replaces my need for antidepressants
  8. Helps my Partner de-stress & unwind
  9. Keeps me prepared for any daily hiccups
  10. Gives me a message of wellness to spread to others

Join our league of women who are ready & desperate for a change to better their lives!

I can’t wait to meet you all,

Yours in sisterhood,




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