Every active family needs a sports chiropractor

We are a baseball family. We love baseball. We love to play baseball, we love to watch baseball. We love to hit balls and play catch.blue jays game

We love the Toronto Blue Jays.

I have three boys and a girl and man do they slide onto the bases like the best of them. They re-enact the slides by Donaldson around the bases in our kitchen. They run all the knees out of their jeans really fast.

So what does chiropractic and baseball have together?


We all know concussions are prevalent in any and ALL sports. They are rampant actually and increasing with disturbing frequency.

I have written a blog on this platform on concussions and I suggest you please go back and read that. https://chirolaura.com/concussion-awareness/

In the office we have actually created an education initiative that will (we know) be accepted by 140 schools within the Thames Valley School Board.

We will keep you posted on that initiative. Wink wink

Well back to baseball.  As I watch the players, they play at the highest level, the intention, the skill, the agility, the endurance, the speed, the recovery, the demanding schedule, the FOCUS!

And ….the injuries.

  • Balls to the head
  • Collisions with other players
  • Slides into the bases
  • Collisions into the stands or fielding walls
  • Hit by balls or bats at the plate

You name it; you see it most likely every game.

Research in chiropractic is supporting athletes on their journey to greatness.

I look at those players abaseball-player-1087697_960_720nd HOPE that each and every player is getting adjusted by a principled chiropractor. Not just having a physiotherapist and athletic trainer on staff …what about a chiropractor. I don’t know if they have a Chiropractor on staff but THEY SHOULD.


Because a Chiropractic adjustment removes the interference (caused by trauma, toxins or thoughts) to the expression of innate intelligence. This means the body heals better, mends better and controls all of its functions at the highest level.

What are the possible outcomes for athletes  under Chiropractic care:

  1. Faster healing between gamesjosh b
  2. Lessened need for surgery
  3. Faster healing after surgery
  4. Increases in agility, speed and coordination
  5. Improved immunity
  6. Less sickness
  7. Better fine and gross motor control
  8. Increased eye hand coordination
  9. Maximal health expression
  10. Increased strength gains
  11. Actually  expecting more out of the body when it challenged!

The positive results to body chemistry will never be detected on a drug test…because there is nothing added to the body.  It is the best natural enhancer to health.

We know that Jose Bautista goes to a chiropractor in Toronto .


He is very vocal about this. When you watch Jose prepare for hitting or practice the way he stretches the way his body moves, the way with smoothness and grace his swing moves through the motions, the way he knows the ball passes over the plate.

As we were watching a  game late April 2016 , the camera panned around into the dugout. Low and behold I just pointed to the TV and called for my family. We then watched the camera sit on José as he adjusted Troy Tolowinski thoracic Spine. He did a stand up anterior . Not delivered by a chiropractor mind you…but the intention I know José had was to adjust Troy’s middle back. It was very neat to see nonetheless.

One day maybe I will be the chiropractor for the Toronto Blue Jays. I am just putting it out there.

Stay healthy and strong,

Dr. Laura

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