This is my first Blog Post. I have the awareness to begin it today and here it goes. I begin my days with wonder and amazement and excitement as to what is possible for the day. When something very cool happens i always say ” what else is possible”. This allows the universe to show me more amazing things. So today i asked the universe what i needed to be aware of. I asked this as i was driving in Worltey Village. Just as i asked this i turned my head and looked at a older couple. They were in their lawn. He was in a wheelchair and together him and his wife were tending to the gardens. He was doing what he could. I was just taken with the scene. It made me really reflective and the word support came into and out of my mind all day. It set the tone for my day… it was wonderful. I have learned alot about asking the universe to show up differently in my life/ work/ business and this is what showed up today. How cool. How does it get any better than this…then a patient brought flowers into the office. Again an out pouring of love.
Dr. L 🙂

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