Taking time for you

How’s your week going?. If you are anything like me it is BUSY. It is busy with all the duties we “feel we have to do”. Do you ever feel like that?. Like your ” to do” list never shrinks… only grows by the minute. Wow is that overwhelming.

The word busy. It is a word people use so often.

They use that to:

1. Indicate to others that life is hectic- “I am so busy with all the things i did today”

2. Redirect and deflect something non important -“I am too busy to attend your workshop”

3. To hide and find an excuse to not do something -“No i am too busy right now to speak to you on the phone “

4. To give false impressions to others- “I am SOOOOO busy at work”

5. To give themselves a pat on the back at their accomplishments -“I was so busy with all the things i had to do today and i accomplished them all”

Which category do you, or have you ever fit into?.

That word means a lot of different things doesn’t it.

In my office i hear it ” Dr. Laura  I am just too busy to come in for my adjustment this week”.

I know about scheduling, I absolutely know about scheduling.

When we find ourselves soooo busy we can never do any one thing well…even though we may be very proud of ourselves for doing a whole not of nothing…

This week try to remove the word ” busy ” from your vocabulary. Whether is it at your work, your home life, to your kids, to yourself. Replace the word with something else…anything else “occupied, productive, elevated, working”. Whatever feels right, try to replace it. Just try.

Busy gives an impression of ” doing a lot” but in an unproductive way. Just filling time.

Are you to busy “do-do-doing” all the things you feel you have to and only ending up in a pile of “doodoo”?

Try to think of yourself and your time as very worthwhile. Every second counts and we are never to busy for the things that matter.

Take time for your health. Never be too busy for items that matter and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. In the long run they always trump the items we thought were so pressing to do at that time.

Make time for the things that contribute to you and your health.

Visit your chiropractor
Eat Well
Think positive
Get your body moving

Make time for these or else we won’t have time to be busy in the future as we simply won’t have ANY time…

Whats important vs what is important right now?

Here to a very productive and healthy week ahead

Dr. L

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