Tame Holiday Stress


Every holiday season comes with stress. This may be seen as good or bad. The season comes amongst and inspite of the fact that our time seems to be already divided, and now we add on other responsibilities and obligations. 

It is like adding to an already full plate.

It is like asking a car to drive another 100 km on empty.

Adding more is not the answer. A solution would be to pare down.

My hope today is to give you some tips to get through this holiday season with more ease and balance. The chaos of the outer world does not have to be reflected in our inner world. We have the power to make a change.

We may think we have to have the house tidy for any guests that may pop over, all Christmas presents must be bought and wrapped before any one asks “how is your shopping coming”, all food prep done and frozen or in the fridge, cookies baked and decorated, the perfect dinner and pairings and trimming done, kids presents bigger and better than last year…..

Sound familiar???

Sometimes this can seem overwhelming… Who is expecting these? Ourselves or others?

These unreal expectations can put such a burden emotionally and financially on ourselves. Gift giving can been seen as out of control these days. Yes it is nice to give and receive thoughtful gifts. But… so often we hear of children (mostly) being shuffled from home to home over Christmas just to open another “lot“ of gifts. They become part of the frazzled chaos. They become the normal.

Some action items we can do to limit or manage the stress of this holiday season. First just think, in your mind, what a different season this may be IF the chaos, expectations, rushing is minimized. What would that feel like? How do you see that being different? Picture that in your mind. Lock into that visual. Can we have a December and January that is balanced, calm, restful… YES!


Here are some tips

  • Prioritize your self care
  • Set boundaries
  • Take time off for you (not because others say you should)
  • Say No
  • Buy Less
  • Prioritize your down time
  • Mediate
  • Moderate alcohol and food consumption
  • More sleep

And… BOOSTER adjustment.

In this time of elevated stress WE ALWAYS suggest more care vs. less care. That is, come in for an extra adjustment before the chaos starts. We see, as the stress rises, our reserve capacity to handle the load of life decreases. This always happens. We see it all the time. THE CRASH. The crash over the holidays when the body finally has some down time and we get massively sick. The body is talking to you. This is the time of year where we may be doing nothing… and blow out our lower back. It is a reflection of our lowered reserves and resiliency.

A booster adjustment helps remind the system each and every time, how to calm down and deal with stress. The adjustment reinforces the proper neurological pathway and zeros out the load of life.

This is the time to prepare your system for what IS to come.

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This is an extra adjustment outside of your normal care plan.