The cascade continues

It actually makes me ill…

Does it make you ill?

The medicalization of something so beautiful. The birth process and pregnancy is not a ” condition”.

If I hear one more time a false positive because the medical society is looking for things that turn out to be not there. Why do we have a sicker society? Could it be because of the stress the medical profession is unnecessarily placing on us “patients”.

When you are 41 weeks pregnant you are all of a sudden  “over due”…actually some practitioners even bring up the subject of ” induction” before even the 40 week mark. WHAT.  And by who’s standard are you “overdue”. Calculation of ” due date” is a best guess.

Let the body do what it does naturally.

For so many reasons induction is wrong and has risks.

Watching first had recently the two extremes. Watching how the outcomes were (almost fatally) different. Three cases of home births, birth is tranquil in non stressed homes, loved ones around and full support. Mothers were allowed to birth babes without cascade of intervention. And guess what they did it…surprise!.  It the hardest thing you will ever do in your life absolutely. One was a first time mom and two had their 3rd babies.

The other side.  Horrible. Intervention from the minute hospital band was put on the wrist. You are now ” theirs” and ” will do as they say when they say it”. How would you like to hear such things are “The contractions are 5 minutes apart WE NEED THEM TO BE 2-3 minutes apart”. WHAT. Guess what happened next the pitocin got dialled UP.

The cascade of interventions continues. Radically unnecessarily. When will they learn. I am very scared.

I would be scared if I didn’t know enough to stand up or have the support to stand up.

We then see the cascade of interventions and unnecessary testing and “preventative treatment” occur.

Do you treat cancer preventatively with chemotherapy?  Before you ever have cancer? Before you ever have any type of cancer? Would a healthy person choose chemotherapy as the first line of defence against Cancer? You then kill all the cells and don’t give any a chance?

Do you “treat something” before it happens and knock out good bacteria and immune systems in the process?. Would you not try anything else first, natural or otherwise before running to ” treat” something that is NOT THERE.

Am i missing something here?

Does stress make up sick? Yes. Does stress make us a sick society?  Yes. When does that stress begin to be created and by whom?

It is important to know who is boss when it comes to your body. And your children’s bodies.

Speak up and stand out. If you don’t know how or who to turn to ask for resources.

Medicine is a guess. ” We think it is this…take this…we don’t know how it works but try this”…have you ever heard that?

I will not make friends when i write this blog but you know perhaps I will save lives.

Dr. L 🙂

Keep smiling and stay healthy
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