The Real War On Drugs

There is a very real war on drugs and it is not on the street.

Pharmagedeon is upon us. This is “the prospect of a world in which medicines and medicine produce more ill- health than health and when medical progress does more harm than good.”

drugsIt is evident that there is a business in pharmaceuticals. The business has to make money and the business has to get new, more and life time clients.  There are many ways the pharmaceutical industry does this. They either elevate the importance of an existing condition, redefine or re classify an existing condition or develop a new condition to build recognition for an unmet market need.

The costs of adverse drug reaction to society are more than 136 Billion annually- greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care.

Adverse drug reactions cause injuries or death in one of five hospital patients. There is no such thing as a safe drug. This does not occur. This cannot occur, by simple matter of chemistry. A chemical in, added to a beaker of chemistry  (your body), you will get a reaction. Felt, silent or not known for decades… there is a reaction.

In June 2010 a report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, study authors stated that looking over records that spanned from 1976-2006 (30 years) they found that, of 62 million death certificates, almost a quarter-million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medical errors.

An estimated 450,000 preventable medication related adverse events occur in the US every year.

We have all, no doubt, known someone who was or is on drugs for cholesterol, blood pressure or depression. These all are “drugs of lifestyle” that we are expected to blindly follow in faith that we will need to be on for “the rest of our life”. Did you know they now are pushing a cholesterol pill for children? Did you know these are some of the most dangerous drugs to be on?

The only way to avoid all risk, inducting death, from prescription drugs is to not take them at all.

It is your body, not your doctors and not your pharmacist.

Learn more at our “Advanced Toxicity Workshop” April 21st 5:45 pm- 6:45 pm. At this workshop Dr. Laura will be examining in depth dangers of statins (cholesterol drugs), hypertension drugs (high blood pressure) and depression medication. She will examine these in depth and expose the truth. Bring a friend, their life could depend on it.

In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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