The twins

Twins- This is a story and introduction to you of Audrey and Annie.

Andrea is the mother of twin girls Audrey and Annie, they are almost 11 years old. With Andrea’s permission I begin at the beginning by taking an article she has written to illustrate the story of Audrey and Annie:


I will never forget the scene at the hospital when we were given the diagnosis of our baby girl, Annie. Annie was not quite five months old when she suffered two seizures in one day at home. I took her directly to the emergency room at our local hospital. The medical staff kept asking if she had had any fever. It seemed they were hoping she had, but she had not even had the sniffles. Now, after an initial CT scan in the local ER and a few days of anxious waiting at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, we found ourselves seated around a large round table of doctors, nurses and residents—all looking at us expressionless. I knew it had to be something serious. I was nervous but hopeful.
As the information poured out of the neurologist’s mouth, I heard the diagnosis, “tuberous sclerosis complex,” and the rest was a garble. In the midst of the information overload, I did manage to hear “…genetic condition.” I bit my lip, trying not to cry. They didn’t know. I waited politely, allowing them to finish with the passing of a sheet containing information printed from the Internet. When the paper slid across the table, I picked it up and looked at the doctor. Then I told them. “Annie is an identical twin.” Faces went from being expressionless to looks of shock, and the questions ensued. Was I sure they were identical? I knew they were. I had undergone at least 15 ultrasounds during my pregnancy. The girls shared a placenta and the sacs were barely separated. I was considered high risk because they were monozygotic and shared the same DNA. This was not good news for our baby, Audrey, who was at home in the care of my mom.
Audrey began having seizures three weeks later, and both of my beautiful five-month-old babies began a life of drug dependency for seizure control. Both girls have too many benign brain tumours to count. Their skin shows the characteristic white “ash leaf spots,” and they are both autistic and globally delayed. They are on the severe end of the tuberous sclerosis complex spectrum.
I know God has not forgotten us. I believe in miracles, but I also believe God makes no mistakes. My girls have an intellectual IQ somewhere around the first percentile—not encouraging or even completely believable, but nonetheless true. The reality is, our twins will never grow out of certain stages of toddlerhood. They may never toilet train and will never leave home to live independently. Their lives are, however, as valuable as royalty and as precious as the life of the beggar with no home. The One who created them does not overlook them. If I believe Jeremiah 29:11, then God has a plan for them too. He has a hope and a future for those who cannot understand the concept. He loves them as much as He loves those who knowingly seek after His will. We do not understand the complexity of God’s love when it comes to people with special needs. I do not wish for different children, but I do wish and pray for healing. That healing will come. I have been assured of its coming. How or when has not been revealed. Here on earth or there in heaven? The details are not clear. But the thought of one day seeing them fully realizing their potential brings joy to my soul.
I have chosen to be thankful now rather than to wait for healing and then thank God. It is not a matter of positive thinking. The reality is, God has blessed us in many ways and I am thankful right now. I have the peace of knowing we are right where God wants us to be. Annie and Audrey are the siblings our other two children, Lily and Russell, were meant to have. Kirk and I are the parents designed for them all. We love them all the same and we are changed because of who they are. I am also thankful for the Holy Spirit, who continues to remind me that I am loved and I am not alone.
This road has not been an easy one, and there is no end in sight to the difficulties. There is also no end to God’s unfailing love and His power to bring glory to His name through anything we face. I am at peace with the fact that my twins will never leave the nest. I cannot imagine life without them. Still, there are days when I cry out to God and let Him know, “This is all I can handle!” There are other days when I wonder if these two little lives are truly angels sent by God Himself. What an honour it is to see His reflection so close up!
I have seen the Lord use the twins’ obsessions to remind me of biblical truths. I have seen a worship pastor strum his guitar and weep as my daughter dances and sings her few words—and everyone present witnesses what genuine worship is. God has used strangers to prepare me for treatments I might otherwise have second-guessed and feared. I have seen dark nights when my husband is on night shift at the fire hall and I am up with an insomniac child—or two—alone and afraid. Truly, I have seen the hand of God in many shapes and forms, and still I struggle. I am human, but I am a child of God. He has given me His Word. As I dig in, I find strength. I also find myself wanting to encourage, comfort and walk alongside those whose lives are not what they had expected.
I will walk with my mom again tomorrow. The weather will likely be as biting as it was today. For the most part, winter weather in this part of the world is predictable. Life is not. That, however, is not something I need to fear when I belong to a very big, ever forgiving and unchanging God.
-Andrea Foster lives in Brampton, ON, with her husband, Kirk, and their four children. They are blessed beyond belief! 

I attended high school with Andrea. We reconnected about 6 weeks ago at church in Brampton, where I was visiting my sister who ( by coincidence) has become friends with Andrea. They both attend the same small group their church. My sister is 4 years younger than I. Andrea and I chatted briefly as I noted the twins were around. As my sister later filled me in on the details of their health. I immediately thought Dr. Peter Amilinger could help. For those of you who don’t know who Dr. Peter Amiliger is please read my blog entry  “wondering, watching, waiting”  I knew there was help that the medical community maybe could not explain, nor even accept as possible. This is chiropractic. This is, potentially a case where when the brain can heal, when the brain can reconnect more life is possible in the body. I strongly felt the necessity to suggest Dr. Amlinger and Chiropractic. A breif description to Dr. Peter ensued with describing the scenario and medical interventions went something like this:

-Tuberous sclerosis complex

-Started having seizures at 5mos.
-Diagnosed with infantile spasms at about 9mos.
-ACTH treatment-5 weeks.
– both girls have 7-8 tubers on ventricle and too many other tubers throughout brains to count.
– both are not candidates for epilepsy surgery.
-Annie is on: Trileptal, Keppra & Vimpat.
-has also been on: phenobarbital, clobazam, topamax(paradoxicaleffect), valproate, Valium
Current Rescue meds: Midazolam, phenobarbital
Past rescue meds: Dilantin, Ativan, fosphenatoin,
-Seizures are mainly: partial/complex, absence and sometimes drop seizures.
Annie seems to have outbursts of aggression ( has for years now) after seizures.
She seems anxious and is OCD with certain things.
-She recently had her Keppra increased to 1500mg -2x/day from her previous total of 1750mg/day.
She is waking in the night very aggressive and having partial seizures.
-she is generally agitated and is no longer able to attend school due to her aggression and breakthrough seizures.

As you can see a lot of medical interventions.

I knew the principle of chiropractic could increase the quality of life that these girls were designed to have. The principle of healing could be expressed more. 

See as Chiropractors, regardless of condition we treat the person that has the “condition” not the “condition” itself. If there is stress on the nervous system that system, body and life is better without the presence of nerve stress (subluxation).

Is it plausible that the girls were subluxated? Is it plausible that their bodies had been under physical, emotional or chemical stressors in the past 11 years? yes…

I approached Andrea about this, knowing Dr. Peter would be able to help. The principle of Chiropractic and his hands especially I would trust their healing in  Initially she was hesitant and then agreed to give it a shot! 

I was ecstatic! I was jumping with joy! I knew we were on to something and the principle could help the healing the girls could experience.

We arranged a home visit by Dr. Peter. ( if you have not read my blog post about the power of home visits please read “Home visit” ) . This was an important first step as the girls would be better cared for ( initially) in their home.

What transpired was, and continues to be a blessing, with every adjustment.

What I have decided to do is compile a list of  Facebook postings  and place them in chronological order here, to showcase the progression and healing:

After a successful house call by an amazing Christian chiropractor, both girls responded positively and seemed calmer. At bed time, Annie went to sleep within 20minutes and without a meltdown and crying. A first in quite a few weeks. :*)As Dr.Laura Jean Baxter- Gravelle would say, “let the healing begin!” Thank you for praying.

Annie went to sleep easily last night and slept thru until 7:30am. She woke up very happy and has been content all day. She was drowsy and slept 45mins. with her respite worker, Stephanie Munholland. I also got to clean the garage, go for a bike ride and take a shower. Better day and Dr.Peter Amlinger is coming to adjust the twins again tonight:)

Peter Amlinger I’m honoured to be of service.

Another successful chiropractic house call. Annie is visibly calmer after her adjustment. Audrey was emotional but in the end was watching Dr.Peter Amlinger as he drove away. This truly is the favour of God and I’m being spiritually blessed as it unfolds. 
#thankyouDr.Peter Amlinger

With God all things are possible and we WILL do more than just survive…we were made to thrive! Annie was calm and happily walked to Lily’s room when I suggested “bed time”. She needed me to lay with her but this is a step in the right direction! Good night and God bless. 

And did I mention I didn’t have to give Midazolam today? 
The God on the mountain is still God in the valley. 

Annie had a great day. I wasn’t home for a few hours but she was here with Steph. She had one short partial seizure and no outbursts or aggression. No Midazolam 
She ate well all day and was content, although stimming a bit with her iPad. She requested to go swimming when the other kids were in the pool and was in there with them for about an hour. It was so good to be able to have people over.
She was happy all evening and only got a bit upset at 9:20, when she was ready for bed. Went to bed easily.
A great day. God is good…all the time.

  • Peter Amlinger I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve. You thrive Annie and Audrey! Thank you God

Annie had a brief wake up moment at 11:45pm, when Lily was getting into bed with her. She settled easily with her iPad and big sister beside her. 
Slept thru til 8:50am! Happy to watch Russ and Will-already in the pool. 
So far so good, in spite of a slight cough. Praise God.

Overall a good day, although Annie didn’t want to swim or go for a bike ride She was pretty obsessed with her devices too. Still quite stuffy and lost a tooth too…literally. Small meltdown at bed time. I think she misses you Dr.Peter Amlinger
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Annie had an okay day. Too anxious for church, so she stayed home with Kirk. Both of them have colds anyway. She was on edge this aft but was adjusted by Dr.Peter Amlinger and had an excellent evening with Donette Bobb, while the 5 of us went to a friend’s birthday celebration. Praying Annie can attend school tomorrow.

No school for Annie today. Still has a slight cough and stuffy nose, so she’s still needing phenobarbital daily to keep seizures at bay. Seeing 1-3 partials per day. This means we aren’t getting a true picture of how she is doing yet, as anticonvulsants are not well absorbed when sickness is present. For now, she’s content with her iPad, although spinning and obsessively pressing it. Not ideal but not aggressive. Please keep praying for healing to continue. We want Annie to thrive, not merely survive. Thx friends. 

Annie’s had a day of spinning in circles, nose wiping, some partial seizures, some moments of being upset, some times of contentment, some singing and some chatting…still home from school. 
Looking forward to the adjustment by Dr.Peter Amlinger tonight. 
Keeping the faith. 

Seriously…God does work in mysterious ways.  On a journey of healing. Wow.
My wife, Tracey Nash-Amlinger‘s advice after a 12 plus hour day: hurry up and get the twins adjusted so those girls can get to bed! Off to a house call. Best wife ever!

The story is not unique we see stories of healing each and everyday in our office. Some healing is very visible, many other stories are of the healing that we cannot see.  This story is no where near ended , actually just beginning.  Each day we will see the healing that is possible for the twins.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, healing presents itself in unexpected times. I don’t think Andrea was anticipating this type of healing from chiropractic, perhaps didn’t even think anything could offer the hope and help that has come so far.

I know the body can heal and will continue to watch how the healing occurs in the twins so they will THRIVE…

Overall Andrea feels, so far (it has been less than 2 weeks since adjustments began):  

Annie has been able to cope better with her frustration as well as her breakthrough seizures. She’s still stuffy so isn’t back to school yet. Today is the first day I’m trying her without the extra meds(phenobarbital ) we’ve been giving her. She is still rather obsessive and in her own world but not as agitated. She does need one-to-one attention most of the time still. Since Peter started coming we have not had to use Midazolam for breakthrough seizures or post-ictal aggression. Annie HAS been on Clobazam for a week now though too.
Generally both girls are sleeping better after the adjustments. 

P.S. Their neurologist has also suggested if the chiropractic treatments are working to decrease the medications prescribed. That is huge. 

We wait and watch the healing unfold. 

Dr. L 🙂
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