Think Twice Before You Take This Shamrock Shake

shamrock shake

This shamrock shake is a seasonal green-dyed mint flavoured milkshake dessert sold at McDonald’s during March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This “treat” consists of a mint ice cream base, vanilla syrup and milk.

If you are thinking this is a treat for your kids…. don’t take the shake.

This amount of sugar will shut down white blood cell production, destroy beneficial gut flora, increase risk of heart disease, raise blood pressure (by causing inflammation and depleting magnesium), deplete other nutrients like B vitamins, feed cancer cells, raise cholesterol, and so much more.

Your immune system will be negatively affected and suppressed for up to 48 hours.

Finally realizing the connection between heart disease and consumption of refined sugars, the American Heart Association recommends no more than 20 grams of added sugar daily for children, 32 grams for women, and 40 grams for men. This shake is almost three times that for women.

And no, it is not OK on occasion as a “splurge” or “treat”. If your gut can handle this amount of sugar without getting sick, then it indicates that you regularly consume too much sugar.

Because this amount of refined sugar would destroy a large amount of beneficial gut flora, the die-off would cause diarrhea and/or stomach discomfort in those with adequate healthy flora. But for those who regularly consume refined sugars, there would not be enough beneficial gut flora present to cause die-off, thus indicating that sugar consumption is a regular part of one’s diet.

Many people are overweight simply because they are drinking way too much sugar in the form of gourmet coffees and shakes every day.

Don’t take the shake.

In health and happiness,
Dr. Laura

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