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Two Card Monday

Our vision for healing is huge. We want to see everyone in our community have the opportunity for a spinal wellness check up. That is everyone from young to old. No one deserves to be living disconnected from the source and the power within. When health is our birthright, our natural state of being- everyone deserves the opportunity to express health fully. People are suffering unnecessarily at the hand of external medications and stress. This need not be the case. The picture of health and healing can change moving forward. There are too many sick and dying and crying people out there living with subluxation in their spine, which affects their ability to express health and adapt to life!

We welcome everyone. We welcome those cases that are difficult, seem lost, no hope. This is when people, at last resort, end up at a chiropractor. We love to position chiropractic as a first line of defense. Try chiropractic first, it just may be the missing key to the puzzle to long term and fulfilled life of drug free and independence.

Our office is starting a new initiative. Every OTHER month we are starting our “TWO CARD MONDAY”. Look forward to this. This means the first week of alternative months, each patient in the office will receive 2 referral cards. These are ONLY GOOD FOR ONE WEEK. They offer a first visit in our office, which includes full and complete spinal exam, consultation, nerve scan and the cost of x-ray if needed for only $47.00.

pay it forwardThis is a no brainer. An easy access into our office. When you receive your cards, give them out right away as they are only honored for ONE WEEK. They are date stamped.

Have the person call the office and schedule. Easy as pie.

I don’t know if we can help but let us see if we can.

Stay healthy and happy,

Dr. Laura

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