Weakened system = Collapse from the inside out

Is this you?

How do you see your posture in the mirror? Do you see yourself standing up tall and resilience? Strong, fluid, flexible?

Do you see yourself hunched over and lower threshold? Weakened and collapsing?

Are you strong and able to handle the winds of life?

There is a timeline. This doesn’t happen overnight.

Think of it like a “load of life”. Is your load of life winning or are you winning on it????

When the body is at one end (left), you are able to stand up strong, your body is able to handle the load of life you are under. When your structure is able to withstand the stresses of life we can stand up tall. Your hardware (boney structure) is resilient.  Like a tall tower made of rebar. Strong, sturdy!!!

When you begin to weaken, (that means we move to the right of the timeline), your structure is less able to handle the outside forces. These forces are greater than our ability to adapt. You are not strong enough, you are weakened, your brain can no longer navigate the world properly. You lose efficiency, this means our entire body loses energy for all inside jobs. Posture is the first sign.

The muscles on the front of your body kick into high gear. They take over. They get all the firing from the brain. The back muscles lose the war. They do not engage as they should, in actual fact they lose the ability to hold you up. They check out on the job. They are easily weakened. They can’t engage in normal day to day activities and you are more apt to get hurt. Not because of weakness or “you have a bad back”, simple because the activation signals to those muscles have changed priority and don’t do the job they should.

You can tolerate less and less of the same force. The things you could usually do, you can no longer do.

Your head will bend more forward, your shoulders will cave in, your upper back with arch backwards, your body becomes in a flexed forward position. You can not breath properly, you cannot sleep and your mood changes. Your spine doesn’t move properly and does not feed your brain with specific information about what is going on in your environment.

Literally your processor gets weakened.

Lowered efficiency = a system that can’t perceive life. This is a system in stress. It cannot heal. It is only concerned with combatting gravity, NOTHING ELSE. It literally doesn’t have extra energy to perform any luxury items. All secondary functions on a global scale throughout the body suffer greatly. The body conserves energy at all costs.

Chiropractic care moves your system to more of an efficient being. Every chiropractic adjustment provides the brain and nerve system inputs it needs to be able to perceive your life for what it is, and thus control your internal and external environment. This moves you towards healing and restoration = ease in the body.  Firing patterns return in a balanced way.

Light the brain up give it life! Bring it back to life….

Become a v8 engine not a v6! Stronger processor. Needs less input to regulate its environment inside and out.



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